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Gentlemen, when you're wives/girlfriends ask you to do the grocery - be a sweetheart all throughout, will you?  Don't sulk and no ...

Gentlemen, when you're wives/girlfriends ask you to do the grocery - be a sweetheart all throughout, will you?  Don't sulk and no pouting please, like hello?

There is this "gentleman" in the grocery store where he seems to not hide his displeasure over whatever and throws his adult tantrum in the store.  I guess that's what it is but his indifference to the world on that moment is obvious, a lesson or two has to be told for my little gentleman and all the others out there.  Listen, this sharing might be familiar to your experiences as well.

We ran out of baon sa school and other kitchen supplies so my little one and I had a quick trip to the nearest grocery store one Sunday afternoonWhile in queue for the cashier, I was partially aware of a situation behind us.   My pushcart was the last in lane 7 until a woman followed after and leaves her cart to go some aisle near lane 7.  I was busy browsing a magazine from a rack near the cashier while my little boy looks on to just anywhere as he was riding on the pushcart.  He was the direct observer to the situation so to speak. 

Another cart was pushed behind me, a little thud on my back followed by a male voice saying sorry but it didn’t bother me to where my attention really was at that moment.  Why? It’s because I’m browsing some gossip magazines. SShhh.  Lol!

Someone was rearranging some utility carts. I’m still not looking, only guessing from the sounds of it.  Then the woman who left her cart behind me came back.  She looked questionably for the switching arrangement and voiced her thoughts to the man who caused it behind me.   With a hard expression on his face and a cold irritated tone on his voice, the guy denied and affirmed he was there first. Ah, the nerve!  At this point, I was back in the present after momentarily lost in show business! Haha! And I’m not just back, but I’m supposed to be involved!  Apparently my role would be valuable to resolve their disagreement.  Where was I, actually?   

Now the quick trip to the grocery store has proven to be more entertaining than necessary!

My instinct told me to stay out of their instant dispute.   Hey I’m not there to witness, was I?  Well, bad me but I’ve not gathered my rightful thoughts yet so I made the face of dunno - sorry puppy look.  Whatever! I’m just not in their zone yet.  At the same time, I was hoping that the guy would just say sorry to her and correct what he did wrong.  After all, I’ve given him the opportunity, right? But no! He has proven himself to be a liar, and willing to stay there until my little gentleman busted him! Tadadadan…

In the absence of my pair of eyes looking their way, the boy replied to the woman who asked him what really happened. A question was something like this, “Baby, sino talagang nauna dito sa line?” Oh-em-gee! Why can’t they just resolve it on their own? My little observer told them what he had seen. I’m a little nervous though of how the guy would react because sometimes people tend to get crazy.  Luckily, the guy gave up and took his truthful queue and everything is in order after. Oh boy, why didn’t I speak up in the first place!

Where was I in between the before and after the resolution? On my own trance, over this magazine.  Silly but this caught my flighty attention and took over my Sunday read time. Hehe

Boys and their toys! Not a fan of him but I’m more interested on the side boxes.

Craze to latest Coco Martin's teleserye is on! My little boy is one of his fans.  Glued to the tube every weekday airing night of Juan dela Cruz and not scared of the aswang enemies at all.  The actor has really established his followers, I may say. 

And there’s Mikay, Gino and Jao story, too! Kilig moments.  Plus a glimpse of some new Barretos. 

Whoa, Dingdong's collections are impressive.  Mr. Dantes is a hunk, in fairness.

But here’s the real thought.  Guys, please don’t parade your boorish act over a trivial, no thoughts required, chore! I do recognize that men in general like to do their shopping literally, like throwing everything on the basket on what’s on their list, and then go straight to the counter and pay.  No sideline of checking which stuff is better, or what’s new, or the latest in showbiz from the magazines! Haha! But man, don’t forget your manners, will you? I’m particularly wouldn’t want to witness any of my male friends here in the situation I’ve just told.

And I did recognize my boy’s honest account, highlighting honesty and good manners while downplaying my quack denial and don’t get me in the loop crap!  Well, you’ve got to grab a copy of this magazine and tell me if it brought you on another plain also. 

Stay cool always.  And tell me what your buzz radar got there.  J  Have a light moment!

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