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Hi everyone! It's full of sunshine on this side of town.  Temperature during daytime is definitely making an all time record high.  An...

Hi everyone!

It's full of sunshine on this side of town.  Temperature during daytime is definitely making an all time record high.  And while it's nice to spend more time on vacation houses with the sea on your view and/or a cool vast swimming pool right in front of your doorstep, it's not budget friendly.

So let the shower room work overtime. It's always bath time!

And while bathrooms are often small, its functionality is quite huge.  This utility space, aside from its expected performance can look good and refreshing with a little help of some green plants.  Take a look of what a few green leaves can do to my valuable sanctuary.

Apparently, party balloons can do the trick, too! An example of a dull bathroom which took an interesting lift with its very buoyant occupant is the picture below.

Well, that's another story.   Because there are other things you can add to your bathroom, too.  Like these robots and car launcher dangling on my bath racks. Huh!

That's what I call, adding personality to your shower space.  For mine, it's dominated by Lightning McQueen! It's the boy's influence, who else!  Oh well, it's cute.

But I really want those nice, country styled bathrooms as featured on home magazines.  I am partial to those warm hued light fixtures mounted on walls beside a white-framed vanity mirror and walls that are covered with cutesy wallpaper.  Welcome again to my wishlist.

If I could really infuse my personality to our shower space, it would be something like these.



Note that the scale is for that tiny bathroom like mine which I guess is doable if only I have the resources.  Oh well, save!  Eeek, there's just too many wishlists. The next best doable item is to add some plants. There!

Asparagus fern and Chinese evergreen are some common plants that is good for your bathrooms.  Some other plants I've searched are listed here.

And here's a few more inspiration for you.

Isn't it creating some airiness in your scrimpy but spa-like functional space? Now, how would you like to style your own? Let me hear from you.

If you want more ideas, check out pictures from here and here.

Have a refreshing and cool day! 

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