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Success is such a big word.  And the only success story I can report at the moment, and as a girl, is that I'm on top 5% among the ru...

Success is such a big word.  And the only success story I can report at the moment, and as a girl, is that I'm on top 5% among the runners of Temple Run 2.  Haha! My highest score so far is 11, 408, 925 besting my 6 year-old boy who consistently got 9M.  But at least I only used the save me gems four times! Will that be counted? *Goshness

Actually, I am not a feminist.  But  let me share this published interview from Time's magazine for critical thinkers and current issues updating.  I’m thinking how there would really be equality between the princess and the prince, king and queen, mother and father, brother and sister – essentially the he and the she when the she wills herself to 'jump'.
In a few words, that's what the new bestseller in New York Times  list for  nonfiction books  Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg is all about (based on reviews, anyway).  She’s in Time and I’m curious how successful she really is and how she got to the top of her game.  The fact is the playground is not really leveled since the beginning of time.  Fact accepted and it's okay, and I'm speaking for myself.  But her talk/published work has some stirring sense.
The she I've got to read about is this uber woman with a hot seat now as she gets as many likes as much as comments and criticisms about her new book.  Well at least she has that billion dollar net worth, as reported.  That's to the 9th power times 40, oh wow!

Sheryl Sandberg is the co-pilot of Facebook - which is by far the biggest network of humans we have. She's the COO, next to the main man of Facebook - the chief executive and chairman, Mark Zuckerberg. She’s one of the most watched figures on Silicon Valley.  It's more than kewl, right?  

According to her interview, her emphasis is that women should pursue their career with more rigor to become the boss.  To lean in energetically towards opportunities to the top.  And her thoughts are these:

  • "We hold ourselves back in ways both big and small, by lacking self-confidence, by not raising our hands, and by pulling back when we should be leaning in."
  • There is an invisible barrier in women’s minds and what she says about it is that, “there’s an ambition gap and its wrecking havoc on women’s ability to advance.”
  • On success and likability, male colleagues were favored over the same successes that a woman achieved.  A woman earns hate from women when she's successful. In my own understandingit's something like why women should be dictated by that neanderthal perception.
  • "Stop trying to have it all," says Sheryl.  By this she meant that instead of perfect, one should aim for sustainable and fulfilling.
  • Her call is that "we have to evolve to meet new circumstances". 

    • Of course we can't all become Sheryl Sandberg.  But if you feel like you need some rebooting, you might want to read her book.  For a start you might like to check her exclusive interview in Time's magazine as well.  Then tell me what you've got from your reading. 

      By the way, "success" in the app shown above is a product of the recent 4-day break.  I've stayed indoors 3 parts and remembering the passion of Christ 2 parts.  Hope it's enough. Like most of you pretty much did, I guess.  Well, I'm just a girl. *wink


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