A Weekend of 3 Foreign Cities

5:55 am.  Hot brewed coffee at Starbucks is very inviting, hmmm.  It surely awaken the half asleep, half flying tourists in us after 17 hou...

5:55 am.  Hot brewed coffee at Starbucks is very inviting, hmmm.  It surely awaken the half asleep, half flying tourists in us after 17 hours of flight to San Francisco International Airport.  It's Day 1 and we're finally and officially on our destination.  While waiting for our good Ninong, who managed to free his Friday to fetch us and tour us also, I powered up my iphone and logged-in.

Status update: Enjoying my latte at Sanfo! Wow, angas!  LOL

I deleted and checked-in instead with a simple good morning.  This is the only low bat moment due to jetlag that I felt.  Because the coming hours and days are very much energized.  Tour kung tour mode ito!

Covering right now is the first 3 days of my US tour.

Day 1

From the airport, we have our first city of destination - San Francisco. 

It's a cold cloudy day at the city.  And this Powell-Hyde cable car line that traverses the steep hill near the famous crooked Lombard street is busy transporting locals and tourists, alike.

We enjoyed the view of the bay area from Lombard street.

This hill is steep indeed.  Island at my far back is the famous Alcatraz.

Braving the cold wind, I tried walking down the crooked street of Lombard.

Next, we have more sight seeing and picture taking at Pier 39.

We go next to Fisherman's Wharf where we do some souvenir shopping before we had our lunch.
And then we headed to the famous bridge.

Sanfo tour won't be complete without the Golden Gate Bridge photo!

The cold breeze surely frozen my face.  But it's a very welcome experience for this tropical girl. And I'm another one of the many who can say, I love San Francisco!

Day 2

The day next started early, too.  We go eastern up to the sierra Nevada. It was a hiking and a lovely picnic day at Yosemite National Park. The mountains were a long drive from the cities of Pittsburg or San Francsico so better fill up your gas tank to the fullest if you don't want to unnecessarily be stranded in the unknown wilderness. City near it is Mariposa.

It's cherry picking season! I'd like my cherry coated with dark chocolate. Yummy!

Peaceful country side view.

A lot of this view before we reach the nearest city to Yosemite.

Small town of Mariposa.

And this magnificent fall welcomes the hikers.
Very serene river under the bridge.

The grandeur of nature.

We're skipping and hopping here. Just so relaxing!

Breathtaking background at the Half Dome.  And with us is our generous family host for this nature tour - the Ali's!

Tour bus lined up.  It's always full of tourist.  They say there was a time when traffic goes long way beyond the entrance and reaching almost the nearest highways leading to this park.  

It was truly a relaxing picnic day.  You can check this online booking if you'd like to get close and personal with the wonders of this beautiful and magnificent park.  For fees and other details, you may check this one.

After our nature tour, we head down to Paragon and got our first taste of shopping!  We just couldn't resist the sale offers. Lol!

Day 3

Our sunny Sunday, which incidentally is also a Mother's day, started with a mass at a nearby chapel.  I'm a believer of life after death, so spiritual duties goes into the agenda even on vacation.

We headed next to Santa Clara for its amusement park, the Great America. The single day adult ticket costs $59.99 at the gate while its $39.99 for kids and senior citizens.  Good thing we can ride with our hosts' Season pass so we end up paying only $19.99 each or $59.99 for the three of us! And it's ride all you can! Status update: feeling great! Lol!

And so we shrieked and amused ourselves with some kiddie rides.  It's nice to be a kid again!

The little guy got lucky on their shoot a ring game and got this huge stuff minion as a prize!
So cute!

My little heart just couldn't take the rides below. I got doozy enough by just looking at them.  Scary for me!



And so, we wrap up our amusement park day with a cable car ride.

So happy! Thank you very much to the Ali's for a wonderful weekend with these 3 great cities.  We have an enjoyable and memorable start-up for this excellent US vacation! Love, love, love!

By the way, are you guys still with me? Haha! Post your comments please. *wink

Next: What Happens in Vegas

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