Fasten Your Seat Belt. We're Flying to US!

  My Facebook status updates lately are a flurry of our recent tour.  It's my dream come true! And I'm about to tell you the best ...


My Facebook status updates lately are a flurry of our recent tour.  It's my dream come true! And I'm about to tell you the best 21 tourist days of my life so far. Fasten your seat belt and my sunrise to sundown travel begins with Day Zero.

It's May 9, Thursday night and my two best boys and I were geared up for our family trip. Destination: USA. From this side of town, we all dream of going to US.  Not many will dispute that, I guess.  But many will find it challenging mainly because getting a US Visa is hard.  My advice when you finally grab one, go for it! And allow me to be your giddy US tourist blogger. 

I'm that little ten year-old girl again that day.  The one whose imagination of America is one lovely park. I just remembered how that imagination of park become more vivid to me as I grow older.  Now that it's finally happening, I'm super duper excited!  This trip is a first family vacation outside Asia.

They say that we have to travel light.  Shop there instead coz it's one sure thing they can bet on us.  However they insist it's not just easy for me.  The vacationist in my persona has prepared quite a tight itinerary. Anyway, we tried (really!) to moderate our bagahe not to exceed allowed limit for us since its not practical to pay extra.  Each one of us is allowed with one 50 lbs check-in luggage for free plus carry-on and/or a handbag.  Or we'll pay $70 more for the next bag.  And our booking is a multi-destination so better be on the light weight with buffer for each states' goodies we'll surely accumulate.  

We checked-in at NAIA 1 three hours before our flight.  Before we could board, we have to pay several fees which is mandatory to all tourists going out internationally.  The Philippine travel tax is P1,620 plus P750 terminal fee per head.  Groans. Oh boy, I should really get the most out of this trip.

And so to appease myself from that instant cash release, photo op started right then and there. Lol!

Boarding time comes and there we go!  It was a solid 17-hour flight from Manila to San Francisco with  stop-over to Guam and Honolulu.  On connecting flights, it's wise that you check your luggage if you have to check it out and check it in to your next carrier by yourself or the airlines will do it for you.  It's better to be sure than sorry.  The long flight is a welcome retreat for us before we set our walking feet to cities and states we are about to see.  It's also a time to complete those Customs forms that will be asked at your port-of-entry. 

Actually, long flights are fun times, too.  Games, TV series and recent movies on the little screen in front of you are available on flight.  The boy is having the time of his life to all those game applications and cartoons he tried and watched.  

Here's our in-flight celebration.  Cheers to my handsome hubby who tries to show us the world he constantly traveled around not for leisure but because its his duty.  My love, love, love!

It's the hubby that took this photo. :-)

The whole flight is a breeze for these excited bunch.  The summer heat in Manila is extremely rising before we left that I look forward and wonder how cold it is in America. 

After the long hours in the clouds, finally, we've landed! All passengers fall in line and undergo to the usual airport procedures.

The Wiki-wiki shuttle that transport us to another terminal in Hawaii

Best that you check where you are and that you know the nearest exits in case of emergency.

Check your gate and grab a coffee with some donuts or sandwich on your way to waiting area.

Use your waiting time to check the weather on your next destination, or what's new on your Facebook news feed, or play your favorite game application on your smart phone, or do all and pose for the camera at the same time. Lol!

Oh well, the travelogue of this girl has just started.  I hope that my experiences will help you in your own  le voyage en Amerique (UPDATE) Follow my US adventure at:


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