The Simple Things

In this fast paced life most of us are living, it's such a blessing to have those quiet moments. Those times when you can shut off all...

In this fast paced life most of us are living, it's such a blessing to have those quiet moments. Those times when you can shut off all those hustles and bustles of a day, forget all the life's hullabaloos, and just enjoy the simple pleasures that life offers for free.

Here's to remind you of life's simple treasures.  Let me share you my list.

1.  A morning walk enjoying the serene neighborhood.  Ah, the cool morning breeze and lovely neighborhood is such a treasure that awaits your time to notice and enjoy.  Morning walks are so rare, I thank for the few days that I can have it.

Nice and peaceful neighborhood.
Ali's wonderland! A home sweet home on this quiet town.

2.  Getting extra hours of sleep on a bed weather.  It sure is one of the top on my list since I felt a little deprived of this.  That's the norm since I started working and became a mom.  Staying longer in bed, especially on a rainy morning, is a sweet treat almost everyone will agree.

Cozy bed we have there! And just look up to actually see the solar system.

3.  Being around with kids.  It's a simple pleasure that truly makes one young.  The quick smart wits of the young ones are natural source of laughter.  I often have my laugh trip from my one source of endorphins - my little boy.  Being with him and goofing around with him makes my tiring day easy.

Stuff toys corner of the Ali's.

4.  Reminiscing old times with good friends.  It is a proven source of joy.  Even if stories were retold over and over again, I get recharged with this.  We are all storytellers.  And it's most engaging when your audience can relate to your story because they've been part of it.  Those silly old times are always a delight to remember with good friends.

A good laugh we shared there

5.  Enjoying a lovely sight in your house or garden. It's a simple pleasure noticing your plant, your lovely curtain, your cute mug, your artsy place mat, or your soft colorful pillow.  They are all little things that comforts you in your own sweet time at that favorite nook you have at home.

Pink flowers in their garden.
The cuties and the cute yellow pill-shaped stuff toy

6.  Appetizing aroma of food prepared at home.  My mom prepares ordinary dishes since I can remember and still occasionally does at present.  It's ordinary but made extraordinary with her talent in cooking.  I must say, she is a good cook.  And its mouth watering aroma is very inviting to lift one up after a low, tiring work day.

At Ali's kitchen with my dear friend-ninang-generous hostess, N'Jane.

7.  A hug from somebody you love.  It's undisputed.  We all need caring gestures from the people we love and supports us.  May it be just holding hands, pat on our back, a gentle massage on the shoulders, and more especially a hug - those are simple touches of love from our friend, boy/girlfriend, husband/wife, parents, children, support teammate - that can detached us to this crazy world we have and make at peace with ourselves again.


The lists goes on.  There are lots of life's simple things that eases us from a day's tension.   We tend to seek places or create conditions from where we can escape from the winded hours of our days due to work we have, status we carry, responsibilities we hold, or just because of the inevitable pressure that this noisy world suggests us to do; but there's actually a simpler way to do it and it's finding time to savor the life's simple pleasures.

Now, it's your turn.  What are the simple things you enjoy today?

Quick Credits:

I've used some photos from the home of one of our kind hostess in our recent US trip.  She is my good friend from my first job.  She's defined to me as a kind, mild mannered, soft spoken, quick to forgiveness, cool binibining Filipina type. But there is also the decision-maker, analyst, logical, good listener and always humane leader in her - walang masamang tinapay, ever!  Needless to say, I'm a huge fan of her leadership style and her kind heartedness.  That's why I asked her to be our Ninang (godmother) on my wedding.  N'Jane as I fondly call her is now living in California together with her supportive, loving husband and their three awesome kids.  And they welcome us warmly on their beautiful home one springtime weekend.

Thank you very much for having us there! Your home and its loving atmosphere is truly an inspiration worth sharing. 

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