Throwback T, Bees and 102 Degrees What?

Days are full of irony these past weeks.  I'm wearing my boots one day (the smaller leather version for the lab, that is!) thinking ...

Days are full of irony these past weeks.  I'm wearing my boots one day (the smaller leather version for the lab, that is!) thinking that it would rain.  And bam! There's mister Sun.  Not in any minute shy or something like hiding on any thin cloud up there.  And oftentimes I'm on my girly flats when downpour comes, along with his scary cousins lightning and thunder.  I'm like a grasshopper skipping and tiptoeing on the flooded grounds of M.  Oh well, it's the weather and his thingy!

That thingy made my luggage heavy when we have the tour I've been raving lately.  I mean, it's cold and windy one day and the extreme opposite the next hour.  It's because my itinerary is diverse.  Call it crazy, like the weather nowadays.  And we survived it!  Hooray for the small man on my team - my cute, funny and charming little boy!  Anyway, we lurve it.  But how exactly we did it; you may have wanted to ask?  Well, I'm gonna pick the Las Vegas temperature coz its one hotta tour to handle.

102 degrees Fahrenheit is some serious heat to deal with.  In fact, there are episodes of nosebleed from us.  Literally, my friend.  The sun is quite harsh in the desert.  Thanks to the bees.  Those hard working flying insects actually hydrated us.  It's their beeswax that is actually useful in cosmetic science.  Beeswax has repellant properties thus a good way to protect skin from the sun.  As I've read from e-how: reports beeswax effectively "softens your skin and creates a long-lasting protective coating against the elements. It also is a naturally nourishing moisturizer as well as being anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-allergenic and a germicidal antioxidant."

The bottled one that I chose was Burt’s Bees.  Their display shelf is actually cute.  I’m like a moth attracted to the bright yellow light of the candle.  Well, candles are from beeswax, too.  That’s how Burt’s Bees' started its business and has just evolved to personal care products and more.

Cute hexagon shelf like a beehive

Forever young, REALLY?! Like it, like it, like it. 

It’s not sweet scented, in fact it has no strong scent and very apt for sensitive skin.  That’s what it claims to be good for although it may still be reactive to those with allergies on bees and its other ingredients.  Best to test it to small portion of your skin before you use it.

Lip balm is so effective.  My boy got real chapped lips due to the cold winds then dry hot weather and I felt its quite ouchy.  Good thing he’s not complaining about it.  I just used their lip balm and it healed fast.

Haven't tried their scrub yet but it's on my list.

Overall verdict, it's complementing our hydrating needs and approved for our skin type so - add to cart! And I like the service of those ladies at Beauty Bar in new wing of Glorietta.  When I bought my lotion and lip balm, they gave me a free lemon butter cuticle.  All goes to the tin can. 

The set is Php 1250 and when the cashier key in the product code, it's discounted pa. Lucky me! And a happy costumer, too! 

So that's how we survived the elements.  And since you so kindly read until here, I'm gonna add a surprise photo for my (cheat) throwback thursday. Haha! 

Me and my birthday girl friend C who sports a shorter hair now, so this is a legit throwback na. LOL!

Take care of your skin.  And enjoy the rest of the week, guys!

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