US Travelogue: Little Italy and Everything That Dances

On the first night of our Las Vegas tour, we wish to try some of the finest hotel buffets along the Strip.  But heck, the sleepless nights...

On the first night of our Las Vegas tour, we wish to try some of the finest hotel buffets along the Strip.  But heck, the sleepless nights and touring days have taken a toll on us and knock us off the whole afternoon.  We didn't get any reservations or planning ahead for the night.

Luckily, we get a cozy spot and superb dinner to the the lovely and delicioso restaurant of this place called Maggiano's Little Italy.


Maggiano's Little Italy specializes in Italian-American cuisine.  The one where we dine at Las Vegas is at the Fashion Show Mall. Our palate is somewhat bias because our tummies are grumbling.  But the satisfaction that we have after the dinner was distinctly from the authentic taste of Italian entrees that the chefs have concocted.  Give the credits where it is due. And I am absolutely certain that I'll enjoy the menu, tummy empty or not.

The service is very good.  We were given a comfy seat at a couch that is good for four people.  We were seated facing the glass window wall overlooking to the night view of The Strip.  But my hubby and I were just too hungry to enjoy the view, much more the one groggy kid who cannot brace his head up and fell like a log on the black couch to care about anything.  He'd fallen asleep way before we get to the restaurant.  Other girls at the nearest table were smiling intently, looking amused at how our little group looks like.  I return their smiles politely, sending off silent message that everything is in order and that we didn't give a yard drink to the boy before we get there. Gawdness gracious! Anyway, he's just too tired.

They served complimentary breads and its good.  Waiting time is fairly average.  Hubby's order for main entrees were Chicken Francese and Four Cheese Ravioli.

The texture and the flavor of both the chicken and pasta that we've ordered are perfect!  What I love best and have been craving so much is the cheese flavor of the pasta.  Yum!  Chicken has crispy red potatoes with it and is just the perfect balance.

Liquor is the night and the whole place's signature.  But I'm just too happy with plain, bland water.  Hubby tried Corona Extra beer with the meal.

The serving is enormous, there's just had no space for dessert.   It's like we were on buffet and the price is reasonable. Dinner is about $60 for the two of us with some leftover for laters, baby. 

Overall, the food, service and ambiance is awesome.  I might be bias coz I don't know much about Italian food.  But in all fairness, I love this place and would definitely be back.  Just give me the plane ticket, will yah?!  

Well, when you grab yourself your round trip ticket, you'll enjoy the place.  Here's some other reasons why.

Own the night and have a romantic dance with the fountains of Bellagio.

Or just maybe you'll spot some cutesy guy from the crowd, ready to jiggy with you!

My sister's twin daughters spotted Roshon Fegan or Ty Blue of Disney Channel's Shake It Up! and they have their photo op.  The girls are ecstatic to meet him in person.  Cutesy!  And some trivia, his mother is Filipina.


I'm gonna cut short here as I'm spilling all the beans with you.  Get up and take it up now! I hope Vegas won't disappoint.

For me, we just have our lovely time with Las Vegas. More thumbs up for the place than the thumbs down weather. 

Gotta park here now.  See me next on Prelude to More of West Invasion!

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  1. yey! you're here again my heroine. I admire so much your writing. Nose bleed ako palagi but I love reading yours. I'm amazed how your composition tickle my nerves. And of course, thumbs up for your experience. Sarap sarap sana someday ako din maka-travelogue ng ganyan. Keep blogging!

    1. Thanks a lot! I hope I can sustain that and inspire more. Xoxo ;)


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