US Travelogue: Prelude to More of the West Invasion

I’m assessing our luggage and conditioning my son to grab one of the heaviest of them and be his four-wheeled toy.   The small guy can he...

I’m assessing our luggage and conditioning my son to grab one of the heaviest of them and be his four-wheeled toy.  The small guy can help us a lot in managing our traveling bags.  We’re moving again.  It’s day 6th now.  Hope you’ve followed.
Me:  “Hey Jairo. Please push this white luggage, will you?  This will be your responsibility, okay?”  (With a capital R, rarrr!)
Jairo: “No.”
Me:  “Oh yes you will.”
Jairo:  “How about you give it to daddy na lang.”
Me:  “He’ll have the other two big bags and a backpack, while I have this carry-on and a handbag with all our snacks and your water inside.”  (His assigned luggage is big but with four wheels, thus manageable than my two-wheel carry-on)
Jairo: (Silence then plays with the other two kids in the lobby of our hotel)

He’s young but has enough wisdom not to act difficult if his mom’s reply sounds serious like that.  Key word -sounds.  And so the boy steer the white luggage with no further ado.  We left Vegas in midweek afternoon by one of those tourist buses.  It’s the first time we’ll have long hours of travel with sights to see on the road.  Somebody from my office warned me that it will be a long drive of monotonous desert view.  Agree it is.  But who’s looking outside the window?  These travelers will soon doze off once engine starts and moves. 

Okay, not totally true.  I peep once or twice and got this shot of the desert.

If I didn't have that tip from my colleague, I would feel lost on these miles of seemingly barren land with a very thirsty look like that of Rango.  Graphic? The picture speaks.

But we don't get thirsty for long, boys and girls.  There are stops like this one.

Not a Rango here but a happy Isla Fisher.  Forgive folks. Desert makes me hallucinate.

But oh! We missed the one below. We didn't know there won't be any time to try this famous fast food restaurant of the west.  Is that the one where Brad Pitt has dined some trips ago?

  Surveys list this as one of the top fast food chain. They're known for quality.

Beyonce' instagrammed her In-N-Out burger a couple of weeks ago.  If we happen to dine there and have her next to our table, that would be the highlight of this trip.  If only. 

Well, let's move on.  Shall we? 

We are very excited to our next city.  Destination: Anaheim.  We're gonna meet my sister from Canada.  While I was booking this whole US tour, I've emailed our itineraries and entice her to tour with us in California. We are looking forward of seeing her and her family which we seldom do since they moved continents away from us.  Needless to say, it would be a super fun vacation con reunion as we all are tourists plus bonding opportunities for the kids.  They'll surely know more of each other in actual rather than virtual.   

They arrived earlier on our hotel and picked us up from the station with the van we rented for our 5-day stay in Anaheim.  

Nights are cold! These twins can take it daw, though it looks like they're chilled after all.
First thing they noticed when we arrived - the tons of luggage we have. Haha!  Once upon a time, there was an art of packing.  And I think it was so long ago.  I have to retake that course, the advance series!

We hit the grocery right on for some supplies.  We're always on the road plus we have four growing kids with us, so foodstuff and drinks are staples.

Hungry as a bear! That basket, however full, didn't last long. 

The whole cast - happy, wacky us on our hotel room!

Something tells me this gonna be a super excited-state "more of the West invasion" with the Sarens.   I'll post soon!  *crickets moment*

Okay, I'll try! Coming up is my Hollywood visit at City of Angel's Glitz and Glamour.

Clear sky, clear freeway! Eyes on the road.  More of the west on my next post. :)

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