US Travelogue: What Happens in Vegas

I remember the fuchsia quiz that my hubby and I have the other night.   He’s asking me its spelling and I retorted, “seriously?”   I’m ...

I remember the fuchsia quiz that my hubby and I have the other night.  He’s asking me its spelling and I retorted, “seriously?”  I’m too tempted to say pink instead.  The famous joke, that is!  Well, it's pink Monday after the memorable long weekend at Ali's haven.  I’m on my 4th day of my 21-day USA travelogue.  And we’re heading to Vegas, baby! Vegas!  


If you just hitched in, my first cities of delight are in here and here.  It took a long while before I can continue because its school time; there are lots of social & family commitments or I’m just plain lazy lately.  Anyway, there are days like that. 

And so the Vegas virgins are here!

We have not researched ahead of anything to do but we just let the place unfolds itself and present what it offers for us.  So, what pretty much other first timer tourists did in here, we are just like them.  

First impressions first.  The place is grand! I mean, those fountains dance at Bellagio, impressive Venice atmosphere in Venetian, magnificent replicates of city of lights on Paris Las Vegas. 




And the list goes on and on with all the megawatt sparkle of the city when the dusk comes.  It’s magnificent, really!

The only downside and could not be ignored is the hot weather during the day on this May springtime.  Well, it is a desert.  And a grand one that is!

The Transportation

From San Francisco, California we traveled by plane.  I booked all our destinations about two months before our trip.  Which means the schedule is final or we’ll lost other booked itineraries that we have.  That I guess is efficient and a good move of value for money.  Planning ahead is a time investment that should couple expenditure with a tour like this.  In that way, I can enjoy web promotions to maximize our resources.



However, there is NO cheap airfare.  *Sigh*  But we got the best deal, I guess.  *Yey!*

At the McCarran International Airport

From the airport, we asked the rates of car rentals because we haven’t decided what our means will be in getting around the city.  And good heavens answered our indecision clearly.  The rate is sky high!  So, we settle for asking means on going to our hotel.  We are delighted to know that there are public transports like shuttles with a reasonable rate that can comfortably bring our six luggages with the three of us on our hotel. 

Good thing there is a good public transport system in this city, and it is an understatement. Getting around the place is nifty and thrifty at 24/7 tourist buses and RTC buses.  The latter one is our convenient and very practical ride on getting around the city.  We just learned this double deck buses while we are exploring for a quick lunch around our hotel.  And it is highly recommendable since it cut down the cost and the hustle of managing your route especially for the first timers like us.



The Hotel 

Our hotel of choice is Circus Circus.  It's operated by MGM Resorts International.  It's a family hotel favorite of many and it’s right on Las Vegas Blvd or the famous Strip.  I got good reviews from the people I know who've been there and recommended it. And it's true. It's clean, affordable, with lots of restaurants and shops inside and not just a playground for the adults but overhead on their poker tables is a live circus act daily that fits for all ages. Haha! The place is so large that we haven't seen from our two nights of stay their in-door theme park - the Adventuredome, which they touted as the largest of its kind in the US.


Performance is on going while rollers are betting at the tables below


The main entrance of the hotel.


Well I guess two nights is just the right amount of time for shower and catching up some zzzz's, right?  Hmmmm...

Spacious room at the West Tower

This will make you scream daw - the famous ride at Adventuredome. 

The Strip


Curious that we are at the gaming in the casinos but hubby and I can't sit together turning some dollar bills into million bucks (yeah, how I wish!) because of our underage companion, we busied ourselves being a tourist. 


We do people watching hoping to recognize some celebs around.  The sparkling night life is so inviting and my not so favorite (ahem) shopping activity in their spectacular malls. 

Well, it's a city of largesse, I'm doing wrong if I'm not enjoying the sheer excesses. *Joke*   It still depends on your pocket though. Heaviest sigh from hubby. *wink


Inside the Esplanade

Shops at the Palazzo

My king at my grand lobby. Lol! This is inside Wynn Hotel.

The little boy is too sleepy but can't do anything about his owl parents with happy feet.

My gas chromatographic sense tells me that these yard glasses that people around are sipping are NOT chocolate milk no matter how candy cute looking these glasses are.  Yeba! Kampai! 


And the merriment of drunk people normalize the lively Strip.  I think we're the only ones who's not normal here. Don't you think?


Oh well, I'll just cross this street and have fun across. *Roll eyes from my boys*



I had a cracking time here!  More of Vegas next time.  And thank you for dropping by. 

And oh! You may want to asks some more details of what I write in here.  Just leave your comments below.  Just don't ask me the airfare. *wink


Then, there's Little Italy and Everything that Dances

Note:  Some photos are from here, here and here.

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