US Travelogue: City of Angels' Glitz and Glamour

If you're touring around LA and nearby cities, first of all, get a map.  Then grab a reliable GPS.  The most reliable and...

If you're touring around LA and nearby cities, first of all, get a map.  Then grab a reliable GPS.  The most reliable and will serve both functions is a living person who can tell you where to go and the traffic conditions.  And much more than a GPS can tell – what’s cool to try, fees associated, where to dine, etc.  

On my case, I got those "must see" as well as "dollar for dollar" tips PLUS the "cherry topped ice-cream" from my generous godparents on this side of the West. My she N is another idol and I'm gonna talk more of it on my next post. I really am a lucky girl to have known the generous bunch of N's there is or maybe because they're just the best ones, ever!

A lovely weather for touring.  The hotel where we stayed which is very strategic to Disney parks!

All set now for touring. 

Destination: Hollywood, Universal Studios, Beverly Hills. How to get there? Drive!  

After we got all the travel tips we need, the road trip started and was just fine with all the available built-in GPS on rental car we used.  And don't forget the food and drinks for the road.  Traffic might become a little heavy, although it is still moving at 40-50 mph.  Not bad from this girl who knows what super heavy traffic is like.  Trust me, I know right!

The minivan we used in touring.  The kids are super bonding at every opportunity there is.
Lovely community! En route to Hollywood.
Cool ride and locks! Just saying!

The big Hollywood sign has been the backdrop of our firsts photos.

And we had a quick tour to the famous Universal Studio's citywalk.  Sorry for the repeat photos as most of it are already FB'ed.

The happy feet are NOT complaining! Always all smiles for the camera.

Cool glass doors at the Studio and goojab, mowdels!  There is also an adult version of this but not as cute as this one so let's just forget it.

Boom! And then there was a floral green dress!
And a sister's act, shining like stars eh? Dream big!

If it's wacky shot, we're so game!

The fine weather makes us forget the hot sun but not our lunch. There's cityfood and we had a bite of pizza and some chickens for lunch.  Souvenir stores are everywhere and we headed on each one of them to buy some pasalubong.  

I think we're so generous, we've accumulated so much goodies for family and friends that we even have to leave most of our stuff from my sister's house towards the latter part of this whole US trip. I just hope the thought was counted for those few we afforded. *wink 

More photo ops followed at Beverly Hills.  The shops though are mostly closed as we arrived a little closer to 6:00 pm already.

Clear street.  I wonder how busy this becomes on business hours.  But few fancy cars pass by. Not bad!

At this point, layering is a must.  It's getting cold.  Thus, one should have extra light jackets on her tote.

The little girls are just fine while the wind is actually chilly for me.
The little boy behind talks about his toy Porsche cars. 

On a scale of 1-10 for stardom, 10 being the highest - we are plain under the radar while the place is 8. But at least we've been here.  It seems more glamorous in the movies, though.  Well, 10 for the experience since we've walked on pavements where Hollywood stars have been. As if it even matter.  But yes it does for us since we pay big time for this dream travel.

On a serious note, every places promises its own glitz and glamour at one time or another.  And the beauty of places is best cherished if you are with the ones you love.  Hmmm, cheesy me!  While the newness of experiences one can get from it is what's life all about.  Live!

- End of day 7th

Off to Disneyland Adventure on Disneyland Hoppers and Cherry Toppings on Ice Cream!

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