US Travelogue: Disneyland Hoppers and Cherry Toppings on Ice Cream

The day 8th is a Friday.  And so we decided to go that day (rather than on a Saturday) to the most visited theme park in the world - ...

The day 8th is a Friday.  And so we decided to go that day (rather than on a Saturday) to the most visited theme park in the world - Disneyland. Here's a tip.  If your time allows you to stay longer in this side of California, the best value for money is to purchase the Southern California city pass.

It includes 3-day Disneyland resort park hopper, 1 Universal Studio Hollywood pass, and 1 Seaworld San Diego park tickets.  The combined cost of these 5-day passes on a regular purchase is about $423 but the promo city pass is valued only for ($306 when we're there last May but now it's) $319. 

That rate is for adults, a little less for kids ages 3-9.  While 2years old and below are free of charge.

Since we have limited time, we choose the 1-day park hopper pass which is $125 per adult and $109 for kids.   Total cost for the 3 of us is $359, while my sister's family has to pay $577. 

Flashy smiles, evidence #1.

Now, do you still remember the PLUS (yeah, in caps lock) cherry topped-ice cream from my Ns' that I mentioned on my earlier post? Well, to make you more jealous (Haha! Just kidding!), let's just say I've been lucky to have known generous Ns' (not just in material presents but most importantly in friendship we shared) - our tickets were free.  Yohoo!

Yes, the 3 of us! While my sister's got a 20% discount for the 5 of them.  Now you know why our smiles on the photo above and below are as flashy and as wide as that of Lightning McQueen! Ka-ciao!

Evidence #2:

And let me say my huge THANK YOU to them:

This photo is from a quick visit to our hotel of my generous godparents - N' Mina and N' Francis.  Ma'am Mina works in a food industry here in the west and very much looks like that same M'Mina that I used to know a decade ago from my first job where she used to be the R&D manager and then advanced to Operations Manager.  Talking about empowered women and graceful aging, that's her! The cool style under pressure is what's remarkable of her.  Really an idol!  N'Francis is such a dear who waited for us on the gates (there's too many entrances, too) of Disneyland for our free tickets.  We're too close to the Disney park but parking areas has long queue, I guess it could have been faster if we had just walked it from our hotel. Lol!

Anyway, both so thoughtful and we love them!

And so the cheeriest kids are at large at the two parks now - but first on Disneyland.

Snow white gotten herself some angels.
While kids are busy on Goofy's signature, I have my moment!

Jam-packed anytime of the day

Some are new to us while the others are pretty much the same as Hongkong's Disneyland which we visited a couple of years ago.  Nevertheless, we still try every flying machines we can.

The best to try is the Star Tours, The Adventure Continues in Tomorrowland.

And the autopia also rocks.

The little driver

And the driver with little attention.  Watch out for that bend!

Ecstatic! Evidence #3

 Ironman's Hub

The boy loves the suits.  Is somebody doing costumes like this locally? Hmmm.

  And then we watched the afternoon parade.

Can't get enough of picture taking.  The little guys were anxious on next rides.

Classic! Evidence #4

We hopped to the next park - California Disneyland Adventure.

At the very first sight of Lightning McQueen, just a split seconds later, I heard someone shrieking.  Cheeriest, ever! It's my boy, who else!  He's the super fan of Lightning McQueen and watched Cars movie a million times (like most of the boys are).  He had memorized it by heart and had since been too curious about different brands of cars.

The chronicle of a fanatic boy, he who can't get enough of McQueen.

We're so here!

Some party street going on in front of Luigi's Tires shop.  Grand Canyon at the back.

DJ is here and had the crowd dancing!

Lost count of evidence #, just got wider smiles and wackier photos at Tow Mater ride.

Radiator Springs, you rock!

Radiator Springs fashionistas' at night - it's cold and we're wearing shorts! Arrr

And we hopped back to Disneyland to watch the spectacular fireworks show!

And returned to Disney Adventures again for the must see Disney's World of Colors.  
We never get tired, as in!

And there we have it! Colorful show!

We really are at the happiest place on earth. Truly memorable and much enjoyed! 

This is what life gives sometimes, an apple ready to be juiced. A real experience confirming the early graphics one holds for the place she once dreamed to see. Sooo, wonderful! And once in our lifetime, we meet real Fairy Godmothers (and Godfathers), like my N's.  Let their magic wands zapped those lemon moments and replaced it with cherry topped ice cream! *wink


Next: Santa Monica

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