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When a dear friend was back in town for a vacation, we had a little time to catch-up over dinner. It was an all-girls dinner date one Frida...

When a dear friend was back in town for a vacation, we had a little time to catch-up over dinner. It was an all-girls dinner date one Friday night at this modern Spanish Resto in One Mckinley Place at The Fort.  Its catchy name never failed to catch our taste buds - Las Flores (The Flowers).

Our friend E was on break from her NZ home.  She'd been away for about two years to live there with her young family. Needless to say, I'm excited to see her again.  And another friend of ours, L, that I haven't seen for quite some time now will join us!  Plus two constant girl friends will suppose to come but C just couldn't make it on the last minute due to work.

L on lbd, E and me on yellow team, M on bronze and missing C.

As expected, it was full of laughter and stories for the recent and the past!

The planning took some text listing of all the restaurants in Fort Bonifacio. Haha! Finally, we agreed on this restaurant which for the first timer like me could do the salsa and praise Las Flores to the moon!

Since it was a pitch dark night due to rain, the yellow lighting of the place did not help much to illuminate what the resto boast its look for.  What it set though, that Friday gloomy night was the warm, intimate and romantic feel of the place.  And while its location is not on the busy side of The Fort, it was still vivacious!

Their complimentary bread was served right away after we were seated on our reserved table.

Enselada Mediterranea (Php 350)
 Enselada Mediterranea was our salad order.

Tortilla de Trampo (Php 250)

For curiosity, we tried this Tortilla de Trampo - a Spanish chorizo and potato omellete.

Gambas al ajillo (Php 345)
 A little spicy Gambas al ajillo in olive oil is what we have for main entree together with the Paella de Marisco and Chicharrones de panceta.  The paella is tasty which I've forgot to capture since I'm enthralled either to my friends' updates or to my food.  Obviously the mix of the two makes me forget all else but my name.

Chicharrones de panceta(Php 250)
Girls are girls when they get together.  Chitchatting through the night with my new fave drink that the bar tender highly recommended, I didn't realize it's more than a ginger beer but the vodka in it is more obvious sip after sip.  It's the Moscow mule on a unique mug.  You'll gonna love this one.

Moscow mule (Php 350)

I think it impaired my hearing, coz I've asked its name for about too many from the kind waitress that took our gorgeous group photos. And I'd still didn't get it correctly but just recently when I'm going to blog this and checked it on google.

Okay, admission time.  The last time I get into a bar and ordered for a cocktail was when...crickets moment...very long ago.  Not much of a bar party gal here.  And because Tequilla has left me a bad state of grogginess a day after I need to attend my board exam review class just after college days;  with a pair of swollen eyes that I couldn't open!; plus itchy red bulging marks all over the body - I've resented all the alcohols since then.  The last statement is an exaggeration. Well, not all.  Just Tequilla, to be truthful. Because I got myself one too many than I thought I could handle (all those crap in one time and I'm done with it, forever!).     

I must say I more than enjoyed the drink, the food, the ambiance, the service and the crowd! Yeah, even that last one add up to my list of plus for this resto.  You may want to dress up a bit when you come here especially on weekend nights.  I've noticed mestizos on their smart casual attire and ladies on their little black dress.

Mia bellas - Ellen, Malou and Liz!  And while it's nearly wrap up, we have our Chocolatisimo for dessert.  It's a fondant chocolate with strawberry jam, white chocolate ice cream and topped with caramel. 

Spaniards have at least introduced us to great cuisines, and Las Flores has made it unforgettable for me and  my three lovely friends. This dining place is like no other.  Copa, anyone?©

Las Flores
Ground Floor, One McKinley Place
25th Street, Bonifacio Global City
Tel. No. 552-2815 
Open daily, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.; 6 p.m. to 2 a.m.

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