That Versatile Ballerina Flats

Shoes! One word with exclamation like that is like fire.   It’s quite alarming for the l ovey hubby on my side.   Well, there’s just d...


One word with exclamation like that is like fire.  It’s quite alarming for the lovey hubby on my side.  Well, there’s just days when the frivolous belle takes over the sensible one in me. And that's when he wish that there’s one figurative fire extinguisher in place when I get excited like that.  I hope he won’t use the actual one if there’s one in handy, though.  

Allow me to get excited.  I’ve got my pair of double-T which I wish to have for the longest time now.  Tory Burch, a fashion label by name of the American designer herself has that top-selling ballerina flats since Gossip Girls paraded it. It sells like hot pandesal and a wardrobe must have.  

The designer

Abbey mestico patent is one of the Tory Burch classic, dainty flats.  Forget the mean 4-inches you have and say hello to this designer flats.  

What's working with this flats?

  • This navy TB is a little shy on the logo comparing it with their usual Reva flats. Some like it under stated to easily match it to any outfit.  Color is also neutral and wearable to almost everything.

  • It is best for shorts, pants, dresses of any prints and colors - essentially every outfit and every long walks you have. My break-in experience is from the designer's current city of residence. A little uncomfortable at first.  I guess the much distance I've walked on that first try took in the biggest factor.  But after that, it's all comfy.

  • It's for work and for the weekends as well.  And, it's very classy, too!

Below is a classic example of its non-competing attention to my...well, busy outfit and color scheme. 


 Love to wear it on dresses.

A bit pricey but if you really like to have some designer shoes that's versatile and comfy but can't afford just yet, save! Then splurge on this double T-logo when you're ready.  

Don't forget to share here your experience on your pair of double-T!

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