US Travelogue: Photo Diary at Santa Monica Beach

Hello everyone! Getting back to my travelogue for the ber month is my way to get off from my preoccupation to something big coming up o...

Hello everyone!

Getting back to my travelogue for the ber month is my way to get off from my preoccupation to something big coming up once the fourth quarter starts to roll. Hmmm, party equals panicky.

There is that live blogging, and then there is chill.  I was aiming to get it done while I'm still on vacation to have it fresh.  But that was not so possible.  It's because, I'm vacationing! Haha! Self-contradiction is up, my friend.  Anyway, continuing the long overdue - here's our Santa Monica tour on Day 9. 

My "tara na" pose!

We have one more whole day for our West side holiday.  The four of us plus the four kids are still up and about to wander Santa Monica and more.  We really have ants on our pants.

Busy streets with music and just the everyday life. #socal

We meet-up with some of my sister's highschool classmates who are now living in different parts of US.  And first on our itinerary is to have lunch with them on downtown Santa Monica.

We had our carbo-loading session at Barney's.  A lot of catching up between friends started here.

We explore more of downtown after lunch and have some cute photos.

What follows next is our sunny but with chilly breeze of Southern Californian beach walk.

My solo pictures showed I was here for the exhibit, right? Lol! Yeah, I'm not sticking my feet on the sand but my smiles showed I'm enjoying every moment of it.  It's because there's never a dull moment here even you're not swimming.  The beach was alive with dozen activities or just people watch for awhile and you'll see what I'm saying here. Plus the rides for the kids made the day of the young ones, so me equals chillax on photo ops.

Oh, I hate snakes! And that man at the beach is holding it like he's been sleeping with it on his bed. Eeew for me. And what name could not be spelled out properly on a grain of rice? I've never tried to ask. 

Art and sculptures are quite unique.  How clever one can be to make someone's face in a jiffy.  And when all else fail to amuse you, the heart of this place will not - the sea! So swim it away, beach bummers.

Truly West Coast, socal photos. This beach is a cool place to hang out with family and friends.  And it's clean, too.  Our day is almost complete but we have cousins to meet-up for dinner and that's another memorable part of our trip.  So, bye California beach!

And guys, see you around next time on my next New York post!  The rest of my tour is just as relaxing and exciting.

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