Boo Halloween! Something Taboo. And Oh! He's Blogging, Too!

It's Trick or Treating everywhere! Last weekend, we had it here in our village.  My boy is excited to wear his Ironman costume which I...

It's Trick or Treating everywhere! Last weekend, we had it here in our village.  My boy is excited to wear his Ironman costume which I have to delay because it's his outfit for his birthday party the next day.

So, we buy him a different costume.  We tried finding something cheap.  If you've been reading my other posts, you've got to sense that spending seemed to have increased exponentially from Wishing Belle's pocket. But to be able to make most of your life, in a certain lifestyle that you feel like having, you need to spend some cash. Hard fact.  And I'm not even trying to discuss something taboo here! Money that is! Shhh! Lol!

Although it would be a good point to tell you that being careful with your finances, you can still do what you want in life and still have a budget for everything.

Being careful in finances is such an elusive statement, I might just tell you a story of a costume that might enlighten you on that something very taboo! Haha!

Tip #1.  I was inspired to have some DIY project.  That would be a superheroes cape out of old shirts of his dad.  I'm trying to find some colorful crafty materials to accessorize it plus a mask to couple the look.  But heck, time is also of scarce since going home from day job had been longer now due to some schedule change or because of the heavy traffic flow at this side of town.  Plus, a lot of ready-to-wear costumes are in store.  So, I opt for the not so careful and not much planned spending again.  Boo hoo! 
Lesson is to plan! And schedule the activities in your plan!

Tip #2.  But you know, I'm still doing my math.  That, for me, will help anyone to go around this expensive life.  Hmm, I'm no guru for this but that's just the way it is, people. You've got to write down your resources - balance savings and expenses to tally with it. So, my quick checking of the resources dictates a tiny budget I can spare for the unplanned spending.
Lesson is to have a ceiling budget to eliminate over-spending.

Tip #3.  I drop the superhero costume because it will cost much and opted for something general.  I stick with the cape thing and look for Dracula's.  Now, it's not limited to black.  There are various colors and prints to choose from!  I chose something cute, and I hope the boy forgives his mother's sense of humor when he got a little older and look back to this moment's event. I didn't buy the vampire's fang but varied his look to an eye-popping Dracula! Lol!
Lesson is to get creative, pronto - yeah even in spending!

And here's the boo-tiful boy who attended Trick or Treat Party in his Moo-inspired Halloween costume! Phew!

Very affordable costume and was unique from the rest. 

And since it's his birth month, allow me to share more of him on this post as it may be my last for the month.  I hope I'm more diligent in writing! Boo hoo hoo!

Several months ago, when weather was always gloomy and with constant downpour, we spent more time at home.  I was trying to concentrate on my draft for publishing one time that I didn't realize somebody is giving orders here and there for some operations he's doing.  It's the boy.  He's asking for his McQueen sofabed, ordered to put it on his pull-out bed, set-up the old laptop and tada! He's blogging, too!

Isn't he adorable and awesome? Such is priceless. It's mommy's proud moment!  I wish I can give more tips on how to make a kid curious and creative.  But I'm no expert on this.  I'll try to find out what's working for this handsome and share it next time.  Meantime, I'm happy that he can express his interests a bit more and more each day, and in my mini-me form. *wink*

Happy boo-tiful holidays, ahead!

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