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Thick, coarse, wavy, and unruly.  That's tresses on stress.  Pinning is running old, knotting is not my thing.  Then it's time for...

Thick, coarse, wavy, and unruly.  That's tresses on stress.  Pinning is running old, knotting is not my thing.  Then it's time for the salon to have a decent 'do again.  I really envy those naturally born with straight and manageable hair.  Mine is always craving for some attention.

My yearly straightening treatment is due in 3 months but my crowning glory could not wait any longer.  I've been a rebonding baby for a long time now.  And while it pile thin and manageable, it's a bit tiring to have it lose at most times to prolong its effectiveness. Tucking it to ears and tying are no-no's to rebonded hairs. I saw reviews on keratin treatment and it's a welcome news for us girls who have second thoughts or getting tired of extremely straight hair.

One salon which promise to housed professionals on this treatment is Straight and Smooth Salon in Amorsolo St. in Makati City.

It started with my query over the phone.  The staff is friendly.  I got my reservation a bit late in the afternoon.  They're closing at 6pm on that Saturday and didn't know that they have no Sundays. Hesitant that I couldn't get superb service due to limited time, I was ready to cancel off my reservation. I called up again to not wait for me.  The good news is that they're willing to wait until 7pm! And that's a good start for my first time experience with them!

My before photos with some flying and wavy strands.

Here's what they did to make my tresses relax and smooth again.

First, the consultation.  James, one of their hair specialist, is my hair dresser for the night. He's assisted by Rizza.  He gave me his professional advice for my hair needs.  It's not "hard sell" talkies of their product. I like their approach.  Very customized which translates to how well they know what they're doing and what products will help them do it. I felt relaxed with their warm accommodation even I'm the last customer they waited for that business day.

The next thing they do are the usual procedures of any regular salon.  When I'm done with the hair washing, I was served with my choice of drink - iced tea. Yeah, it's one of their freebies. And then proceeded with my "personalized" procedure.

  •  Extenso on my wavy bangs
  • Washing again
  • Keratin Complex treatment after
  • Ironing to seal the treatment
  • Hair cut

My procedure took about 4 hours.  And waiting was not in vain coz the salon has FREE Wi-Fi and current issues of magazines.


"Keratin Complex Hair Therapy restores protein and keratin back into the hair, getting rid of the frizziness and wiriness in the hair, leaving it healthy and shiny." - by Coppola



And while it's almost 11pm when we're finally done, (that's what you call - making the most of your day! and night!) they're still as professional and friendly as they are as when I arrived.  The best, right?

Friendly staff, personalized treatment, cozy establishment, well-done service and the price is right! 

I haven't mentioned my BEST deal from them yet. When I called up and they told me that they're willing to wait late, they even offered me a sealed deal.  They will give me 30% DISCOUNT! How could I get any luckier than that?  The hefty discount is because I'm the last costumer for the month.  Great, isn't it?

For the result report - here is my after photo. Tada!

Every strand in relax and smooth mode.

My verdict? I'm more than satisfied with this treatment.  The 72-hour no washing rule is still an after care for this treatment.  And Coppola's Keratin care shampoo is effective in making my hair less frizzy (if not smooth, yet) everyday.  Thanks to Straight and Smooth Salon for their wonderful treatment.  For those interested, address and contact info are as follows.

Straight and Smooth Salon
U/G Floor Vernida 1 Condominium,
120 Amorsolo St., Makati City

Tel. No. (02) 7595105

P.S. It's almost a year since this post and there's new update on their salon. For those who are checking on this post for the contact info, check out this link.

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  1. Wow! parang ang gaan gaan ng feeling....hehehe! you look great and confident with your new straight and smooth hair. see yah soon

    1. Thanks, yami! They really do a good job there. ;)


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