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2013 is soon bidding us adieu. Welcome to a new year! With all the good and not-so-good news happening around the world, there are severa...

2013 is soon bidding us adieu. Welcome to a new year! With all the good and not-so-good news happening around the world, there are several things in our lives this year that we can look back and be thankful for! Let's be reminded that life is full of beauty.  It just needs our time to look into it and be grateful to its Giver.

Let's look back, then look up and say your thanks.  For Wishing Belle, here's the list:

1.  I got more exercise than before. Yeah, I mean there were years of less calories-burning sessions because I think that's fine. But todays challenges have to incorporate some time to de-stress and get fit.  Exercising is one way to relax your mind and tone your body.

Walking on a fine day, few days on sweats.  Lovely roses on the background! 

2.  I've got to travel a lot more than usual, surfing the east and the west of America.  This is a little girl's dream come true.  It doesn't happen overnight. But when you're truly pursuing your dreams, and with His goodness, one day it will come true. Dream big, as they say, it does happen!


3.  I've got reconnected more to my family and long-time friends. The fruit of getting into different places is to have real connections with people you meet. On my grand vacation, I visited and bonded with family and friends.  The world is vast.  And getting to new places can be a little scary.  But with familiar faces on it, with someone you really know and comfortable to be with, it is Happiness (with a capital H) and close to feelings like home!

Central Park, one fine day.
More family and relatives at the west!

4.  Me and my hubby celebrated our decade of married life.  Anniversaries to some are nothing but common.  Just a day passing with or without silent recognition of its importance.  To us, it's one great deal of a decade. Because we've spent most of it away with each other. Not by choice, but call of his duties. So, it's definitely a milestone for one couple of LDR (long distance relationship). So, if you find some cheesy posts on us, be more understanding, will you? *flying kiss

5.  We have a big birthday celebration for our little one's 7th birthday.  I have a 7 year old now! How time flies.  It was a little grand since we're one of the many who believes in big celebrations when their child turns seven. Preparation was a little hard but fun.  For a mom like me, something special for her child's party is always on top of her mind. And I'm happy to report that I've given him a memorable one that he and all the guests enjoyed.  After all, it's not how much money you've spent on it, but how much love you've poured on it that made it special for him to cherish.

Photography by Dan Cercado

6.  I spend Christmas and the rest of the holidays with my man.  Again, this is unique for me.  It's not every year that he is around come Christmas time.  So, spending a day of this merry holidays is something big for me to be thankful for.  And so is the rest of the holidays this year.  Have you thanked your family for spending Christmas with you? If you don't, what are you waiting for? Christmas? *wink

7.  And last but not the least, I started something I love doing - writing. I did it, like the many bloggers out there. Yay for me! Thank you for listening, rather reading my personal posts.  This is just few bytes of the world wide web where I dreamt of sharing my views, not to impress but to inspire many of how the once little poor girl can do better if one just seek life's aspirations and have faith in one's God. 

And that's my awesome 2013! Thank you for being a part of it.

Cheers to 2014!

Do lists yours!

Photo credits to Bing.com

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