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Sundate goes well with my white top and favorite pair of jeans. It's nice to look good on basics once extra weight bulge in and get har...

Sundate goes well with my white top and favorite pair of jeans. It's nice to look good on basics once extra weight bulge in and get harder to hide on simple tees and just any ordinary jeans. Admittedly, I give a damn on choosing my clothes and styling myself - on most occasions, ugh. Which is once a week, at most. Haha!

Anyhoo, the occasion is about welcoming the new boy of my two good friends to the Christian world. I guess last year and this two O one four are more new baby birthdays and baptisms for my close friends. Great year coming up for you guys!

Anyway, take a look on how dependable some neutral colors are in your wardrobe.

White top, favorite Promod jeans and off-white cardigans from Plains & Prints. Look sister dear, your gift bag accessorize my get-up so well! Mucho gracias!

The chilly January brought to us by northeast winds and climate change are best handled by light cardigans or classy jackets.  That one above is an up to date kimono inspired napoleon cardigan in off-white shade, close to mocha. (See also my other picks of this color at Mocha Weekends).

I've got to thank the hosts for they picked the church and reception place that are close to guests' residences (to most of us except for them!). Thoughtful! *wink  

And I love the food!  When it comes to grilling pork and poultry meat - Racks' Premium Boneless Pork and Hickory Smoked Chicken  still rocks! Other new resto's still have to beat or go back to basic on making their grilled meat Racks-tender and tasty standards.

Some snapshots of me and my friends on their event.

Baby Yael's reception at Racks restaurant, El Pueblo

After the event, we have to run to the mall for some wardrobe needs of my J - he's piling on basics, too. Long sleeved white polo barong, that is.

His little supporter needs some suhol for tagging along. A dozen and two doughnuts! We have our own pick but he's partial to Krispy Kreme's original glaze so we got him his own box. 

He was amazed at how he got a treat at Krispy Kreme's store in Megamall B. A female crew at the store gave him a KK chef hat at the entrance while the other crew carry him inside their counter and let him be a junior cashier for the moment(for photo ops only, Lol!). His wage for it? Two original glazed doughnuts for free. Happy boy!

He felt good wearing that hat, he didn't get it off even while window shopping and until we got home. Lol!

Speaking of hat, I remember this quotable text about getting back to basics: "A ruler wears a crown while the rest of us wear hats, but which would you rather have when it's raining?" Hmmm, a good thought to ponder. Don't you think so?

And to cap my B2B sundate? A few flight of stairs since the escalators are under construction. Another back to basic goodness, actually! Because it definitely aids ones fitness. 

And that's it, pansit! Whatever you'd like to achieve right now, don't forget the basics!

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