Fresh Finds: 500 Bucks & Below

Holidays isn't over yet.  At least for me and the rest of the bargain hunters out there.  After the holidays, I've checked several ...

Holidays isn't over yet.  At least for me and the rest of the bargain hunters out there.  After the holidays, I've checked several items in the mall and got a chance to check some grocery items, too. I'm about to share my basket of fresh finds.
What's my hunt for 500 pesos and below? 


85g, Php 277.00

I got curious on this tiny jar of salt that's too expensive. It's just what the name is about - a salt with pink color! It's more of a rose hue, actually. It's been said that it is the purest form of salt. And it came from the Himalayan mountains of Pakistan. According to wiki, it's hand-mined (no mechanical devices, no explosion techniques), just hand-extracted and selected.  After which it's hand-crushed, hand-washed and sun dried.  Extraction is labor intensive, huh! That's why it's wickedly costly.

The tastes?
I can't differentiate with the ordinary salt.  And by that, my friends from the culinary circle could give me a pretty bad scolding. But...but...but there's really no distinct flavor from my sensitive buds. Soree naman.

Uses? Same as the regular table salt but this one has a lot more minerals than the ordinary rock salt.  Researches indicated that it has more nutritional as well as therapeutic benefits from the ordinary one.  Well, I won't use it as an ordinary salt for "salt this humongous pot of fish sinigang, please" but more to "sprinkle the bowl of soup/mixed vegetable" with the PINK SALT, honey! Haha!

And yeah, it's too coarse to salt your soup.  This one has it's built-in grinder and so a little twisting the cap will give you fine rose salts ready for your any culinary purposes. And for spa, too!

50g, Php 280.00
What's with me and the salt? Well, it's curiosity again of how to use some new spices for my dishes.  And this too, must be useful at the most for it's about the cost of a half sack of rock salt! Wicked!

Truffle salt has a unique aroma and is very useful for dishes that needs strong flavoring.  Well I think any ordinary dish should have an outstanding finish if flavored with this expensive salt. To maximize its aroma, it should not be used during cooking or baking procedures since its aroma and flavor could not last long at high heat. Thus, it's good for finishing touches only for your pasta, chicken, steak or egg omelet. Sowsy!

TJ Speculoos jar, Php 499.00

And now for my major tada! Majority of humanity has been hyped to this cookie butter spread on this side of town. *wink

I was aiming to hoard some of this when we were in New Jersey (depending on how much we can carry without over charge on luggage) but we have to drive far and/or get lost for a day to bring home the famous Cookie Butter.  Having said that, I felt incomplete on my said trip to the moon and is scheming how to make a return trip soon! Lol!

And so, a tall rack full of Speculoos ON THIS CITY is a sight to behold and a feeling close to winning the lottery. At this moment, my good friends can give me a rant coz I am full of exaggeration right now. Well you've got to get excited on little things sometimes.  It's good for your heart, and face.  If you aren't, you're Jurassic! Haha! 

And that's mostly what my fresh finds are. Hungry?

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