We Waited Until Dark

Oh, Friday night! You rolled in so fast. Somebody's hangover is still peeping. A couple of good things to talk about last Friday night...

Oh, Friday night! You rolled in so fast. Somebody's hangover is still peeping. A couple of good things to talk about last Friday night sets my Mademoiselle daydreams in some Hercule Poirot cases plotted in some quaint faint street-light setting. Excuse me for not writing English again.

Let me enlighten you by asking some questions. Haha! Seriously. And here it goes. Are you a fan of suspense-thriller stories?  The classic ones? Have you watched a play lately?

Well, I'm one of the few avid readers of murder novels and mystery crimes that lulled most of you to deep and dreamless sleep.  I got hooked on this when I was on college after graduating to Mills & Boon's novels from as early as elementary days to highschool.  That's the advantage of having sisters five or more years senior with you.  You can read their stuff, too. Obviously, parental guidance was over ruled. Until now, I'm still an Agatha Christie fan. Pre-ebook days, I used to get those stuff from book sales where you can buy it cheaply (almost for free), unknown to them it's like a treasure to me. Odd to some, yay to me.

Forward to Friday night, January 24th. Four unsuspecting movie buddies plus one sleepy guy will get the right dose of scary amount of their thrilling experience and won't look at the refrigerator the same as ever again.  Hmmm. We were about to see a highly entertaining, suspense-thriller by playwright-screenwriter Frederick Knott - Wait Until Dark.

Photo courtesy of rappler

Thanks to our sponsor of this play. We've got a good scream last Friday after our hearty dinner which was another treat and it was from the birthday gal. Who says there's no such thing as free lunch? (*wink)

The usual movie fanatics on us were upscaled and terrified under a narrow crack of light as we've watched the gala show of a live re-enactment or perhaps more appropriately said as a rerun of the classic Audrey Hepburn's 1967 film. The play is about the blind wife Susy Henderson who was an easy target of three con-men searching for a doll with heroin buried on it. Since it is a live show, the emotional charge and thrilling effect is high with the dim light set-up of the stage at Susy's home one afternoon while the husband is away.  We've jumped on our seats for some occasions and nearly no blinking at all the whole time for we didn't wanna miss any element of shock.  And this play, is a first rate shocker! Kudos to superb performances of the local actors who played the characters of Susy Henderson, Mr. Harry Roat, Mike Talman, Sgt. Carlino, Susy's husband - Sam, and Gloria.

Lead character, Susy Henderson & the deceitful Mr. Roat. Photo from Rappler.com
One of the highly effective stars on the play, Gloria - Susy's upstairs neighbor.  Photo from Broadwayworld.com

Effective portrayal of Susy by Leisl Batucan. Photo from Broadwayworld.

This recent adaptation is presented by Repertory Philippines which started running last January 17 at Onstage Theater, Greenbelt 1, Makati City and will last until February 9 only.

You've got to watch it. It's very interesting and entertaining. You might check out ticketworld.com.ph or call 891-9999 for tickets. There! Squeeze in some time for this brilliant production from Repertory Philippines.

A little rewind to two hours before the dark. Four belles were doing their usual catching up. We were chatting and laughing of the almost 2-hour waiting time at Lorenzo's Way in Greenbelt 5. The table outside is where we were seated to dine. A lot of people watching in-between our hearty dinner divert us once in a while. In all female merriment, we oblige ourselves to have spoonfuls of Dilis-cious Rice, Fried Vege Licious Lumpia, Gising-Gising, Crispy Baby Squids and Knockout Knuckles. Super gusto! Super busog. Who let the pigs out? I dunno. Haha! One of its pata, on my dinner plate. (*wink)

Thanks for the yummy treat, birthday gal Shali! And thanks for a good jolting and shrilly screams care of the play, Katie! A Friday entertainment like that is worth the wait and chill even until dark.

And the chronicles of the four of us minus the male photographer. Darky pictures. 

Children? (*evil laugh) Wait until dark...

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