Between the Moon and New York City

Hey there! I'm browsing my posts and I can't believe I haven't finished that travel diary I was raving for months. I was a bus...

Hey there! I'm browsing my posts and I can't believe I haven't finished that travel diary I was raving for months. I was a busy bee and with all the important events that came in between, it was uberly buried. But anyhoo, I can't hang this subject just like that so let me finish what I've started. Remember my last California entry? Well, now, I'm on the East coast stories. Finally!

My first in series - New York diaries. 

We were off to Manhattan for the first time for some sightseeing. I was told that the way to experience New York life is by foot. The wardrobe must-have is the flats. So, me and Tory equals on the loose.

The weather allows me to wear my wrap-around navy dress accessorized with a radiant orchid shawl and that huge Louis Vuitton bag. Weather forecast says a chance of rain on the midday, so umbrella is in the bag and those little must-haves that are easy to carry. After some planning and checking the weather, my walking feet is ready to explore the famous streets of "Sex and the City", "Friends" and "Gossip Girls" birthplace with a little Oomph attire (in reference with my usual casual, that is). 

The city is my catwalk!

Sunglasses is a staple.  If you forgot yours at home, you can buy one in the city. New York city is the place of many fashion finds. Read on.

Not just because NY is a place of great fashion trends, you are excused of the mean towering heels when you choose to cover much grounds of the city. You really have to wear comfy shoes if you are bound to stroll the island. And actually, you are really bound to walk. Unless you are here for some frolicking and business meetings at one place only, it will be a different story. 

We tracked the trek of Grand Central going to Brooklyn Bridge, and then off to financial district of the city. The above photos are what we managed to have at Brooklyn Bridge with some resting in between. Getting familiar to the NY's subway system is an advantage. I've got to mention this, their subway is pretty much maintained despite that it is the busiest and oldest public transit system. Wow

Wall street is what's next. I wonder what traders and investors are busy about inside the "Big Board" on a weekday. And I still can't believe that I'll be walking down the street where big decisions are made that will have resounding impact to international financial world, including my beloved country. Well, I'm so game for a photo even at least in front of NYSE, the world's largest stock exchange by market capitalization by far. Not very far from NYSE, we headed towards Broadway and had fun shooting that photo on Red Cube.  Lower right corner photo, my song for the hubby exactly is "I love you more today, than yesterday". Lol!  How I wish!

More walking, we continued to Ground Zero with a little refueling from anywhere we can think of.

Munch, munch is not a problem. It's in every corner.

You cannot get enough of the vibes here in one day. The next time we stroll around, we're bound to the Statue of Liberty, got some souvenirs at the busy and more affordable shops at China Town before we headed to the most pictured 30-ish, 40-ish, 50-ish streets of Manhattan.

To really get the start of New York, I suggest you try the New York Skyride at the Empire State Building.  Let Kevin Bacon be your pilot. Your sightseeing could not get any better once you are at the observation deck of this one iconic and tallest building in the city. Pass is not free, it is valued at $42 for the Skyride and $27 for the Observation deck, located at 2nd and 80th floor, respectively. While all the fashion shops and malls lined up on your left and right, across and back of this building. *giddy-yup

At nightfall, we are headed to another national historic landmark at the majestic fifth avenue - the Rockefeller building. For the little boy, the highlight of this excursion is actually the Lego store in front.

Bound to get more of Midtown Manhattan after a quick dinner and before we finally call it a day, we found ourselves on the famous Times Square (rightmost pictures). It is "The Crossroads of the World" and it's not an overstatement as we join the rest of humanity there.

Sunday spiritual duties is not omitted. We had our mass on fifth avenue at St. Patrick's Cathedral. This is an enormous 13th-century-style Gothic church at Madison Avenue. Seating capacity, 2,200, as they say. It's under the scaffold and wraps as it is under renovation when we were there, but still a fine architectural building to appreciate. We attended the Cardinal's mass. And good weather Sundays are better spent with a picnic after the mass. I'm with the NJ fam and so we're headed to NYC's beautiful park. Hooray!

This is the Central Park. The urban park in Manhattan covering 840 acres of land and one iconic landmark of NY. Much shown on movies and TV series, it's really a pleasure spending hours of plain outdoor activities here where birds and the bees co-exist abundantly as it is a home of thousands of different trees and plants, too. So, this is the grand landscape from some scenes of upper east sider's cast of Gossip Girls episodes and some others from Glee and old and new movies. A stroll leads us to picturesque spots and we surely didn't miss Bethesda Fountain and ponds and rivers.

Naki love story movie scene din kami. Tee-hee! Famous Central Park's bridge as backdrop

And so we fall in love all over again. Hihi! Oh, NY! *heart on my eyes* You are one city of everything. *sigh* I definitely had a wonderful experience with you. *dreamy me* Wanna get more of you again someday. *gasp

It's time to say my million thanks to my sis and bro-in-law and their amazing family. To our constant and debonair tour guide - my handsome nephew - thank you! Love, love, love from the three of us!

And yes, if you get caught between the moon and New York city, the best that you can do is F A L L  IN  L O V E. Cheesy as in that old song, but so true!


Did you like my NY diary? Hope so. Check also my NJ travelogue.

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