Happy 1st Birthday to Me!

I'm up early today, a little more energetic and excited than usual. It's because I suddenly remember the importance of this d...

I'm up early today, a little more energetic and excited than usual. It's because I suddenly remember the importance of this date to me. It's my first birthday! Teehee! My, how time flies!

It was exactly the same date when I got a bit brave to express and share a little more of my random thoughts, interesting finds, gastronomic experiences and passion in travel to the world wide web. And it was an amazing year.

A busy year for me has passed and another busy one just kicked in. Which I embrace warmly. As I always say, better busy than bored. But once in awhile, boredom attacks. Same with you, right? What do you usually do to get it past? I hope that your creative juices works double time when it comes. Because that will keep one going.

One entry from my old planner is an outstanding reveal that I need inspiration sometimes. I don't remember now if it's to warm-up a week or I'm just managing my stress for the day. But I'm such an inspiration-seeker sometimes. Take a look at my entry five months before my birth date. :)

Excuse me for my pristine penmanship. I hope you can read it well.

Hihi! I'm a bit of a challenge-seeker, too. Number challenge before some thoughts and questions to ponder! Well, aren't you, too? Time for some internal searching. In one of your quiet moments, are you looking for the answers to these questions, too? Some serious stuff to dig in, huh.

That's why it's easier to get busy than bored, right? Haha!

So my take away thought for today, and it's a celebratory one - choose to be happy!

I often heard, happiness is a choice. Jumble that cliche and it's easier to chew. We deserve to live a happy life. If you choose to be happy, you'll be happy. Choose happiness over anger, that is one clear act that you really embrace it. And a lot more others, that may be easier said than done BUT through conscious effort, it is still doable. This is getting most of our will, having freedom to choose your attitude towards any given circumstances. Choose something that will make you less worrisome, more relaxed, feel a bit lighter and yes, that H feeling!

Blah, blah, blah

Enough of my prescriptions, let's get on with the birthday inspirations! Here's a few cutesy photos I grabbed from the web that makes me feel like a real Happy Birthday Queen today!

Just do remember, be creative in life to be happy! :)

birthday crown
Aha, aha! That's me! Birthday Queen from flickr

@Micah Pavan...i think the Milk and Cookies 1st Birthday Party are cute too...there's another one on my boy party board
Cookies and milk party from karaspartyideas.com

first birthday hat, frilly first birthday hat
Frilly birthday hats from jessamyharris.blogspot.com. Grab yours!

Bow tie 1st birthday party via My Sweet & Saucy
Love the bow! from karaspartyideas.com

Peachy pink 1st birthday party | Jay Adores | 100 Layer Cakelet
Whoot! whoot! Peachy pink party from 100layercakelet.com

Party is on. Come by. Cake is on me! *wink

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  1. Happy First Year! Congratulations and continue sharing your wonderful thoughts! Cheers! More years to come!

  2. Thank you, sister! Same to you. Cheers to our bloglovin'! ;-)


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