Tuscany In My Heart: Marcia Adams'

A drive up to the hills of Tagaytay is always worthwhile. With its cool climate and fantastic views of nature, it's one popular desti...

A drive up to the hills of Tagaytay is always worthwhile. With its cool climate and fantastic views of nature, it's one popular destination for those who would like to have a fleeting escape from the urban setting. A barely two-hour drive on a lovely weekend, I did exactly just that with my two handsome dates and Tuscany in my heart.

Actually, buma-Valentine's ang lola nyo! *ayyii

Ignoramus of that foreign land, I searched what Tuscany is like when I first learned about a restaurant in Tagaytay that has Tuscan architecture. From wiki I learned that it's one region in the central Italy with seducing scenic views. Looking at it in photos gave me enough thrill to look forward to this place where they said to give you a taste of Tuscany - a pretty place called Marcia Adams.

Marcia Adams is a Tuscan-inspired garden restaurant in Tagaytay City which is named after the lady owner, a Filipina married to Neil Adams, now the main chef of the resto. It's getting popular and having so much good reviews when you search restaurants to try in Tagaytay City. Thanks to Anton and blogosphere for introducing me to this dining place.

One thing to keep in mind when you're looking for it for the first time - it has no sign board outside.

Yes, do not attempt to look for one. Not even anywhere inside the restaurant, except on their menu list where the name of the place is printed and in just a plain white bond paper.

But what's lacking on text has been fully advertised on its picturesque exterior and interior - the lush greens everywhere, pretty blooms in the garden and in every vases inside the resto, the rock dashed stucco exterior of the house, the wood carvings and wooden ceiling  - all very typical of a Tuscan design.

It's just so pretty!

Night or day, you'll feel the warmth and serene ambiance of the place. There is a rolling field by the window, which is perfect if you are here on a daytime or just before the sun sets.

Such a cozy place to have a relaxing and quiet celebration with your loved ones.

The food in their menu is in set and composed of a 3-course meal. With the main course is an appetizer and a dessert.

We tried the Amalfi Prawn with the soup of the day. Not in the set menu but also a delish is their Aegean salad. For our main course, we got the Chicken Kebab and Grilled Aromatic Pork. Tasty! For the beverages, the Bundaberg Ginger Beer is a must try. Best seller desserts are the Banana Split in Chocolate Ice Cream, Panna Cota with lemon sauce and Lavander Creme Brulee. Yummy! Budget is Php 800 and up per head. They cannot process credit card payment yet so be ready with your cash when you find yourself dining here.

You'll be charmed by this place. What the others are raving for in this garden-resto is true. In fact, I feel like I'm still suspended in light air or the love cloud, whatever it is, whenever I look at our photos. The calming experience and being surrounded by rustic beauty of nature can give you the highs. I hope you catch it, too. And the feeling of being into an actual village of Tuscany, however thin the slice of it, is what's wonderful in this experience. Thanks to the Adams' for their beautiful concept.  It is worth finding this restaurant.

Marcia Adams is open daily at lunchtime until 9:00pm. Book your reservation before coming to this restaurant thru this contact number - 09178011456. It's in Sikat, Alfonso and to find it, is to first look for the arch with pineapple design from Tagaytay Rotonda going to Nasugbu. Turn right just after the arch and a few meters drive, a Tuscan door on your left will tell you you're in for a Tuscany love affair. 

Ah, see the amor in my eyes! 

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