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What's with movie dates and munchies? Either at home or in movie houses, it's always a combo - movie tickets plus junky foods equa...

What's with movie dates and munchies? Either at home or in movie houses, it's always a combo - movie tickets plus junky foods equals perfect lazy past time. I don't know why the urge for a chichirya is so high when somebody asks you to watch a movie. But I have an idea.

Almost all junkfood tastes so really goood, right? Imported ones or even those piso-piso (meron pa ba? or basta mu-mu) that you can buy in nearest sari-sari stores are perfected to satisfy your taste buds in a jiffy. The salty ones, sweet sometimes, cheesy delight, sour even or too spicy and a combination of two or more of these are just plain addictive once you start to pop it in your mouth. Thumbs down to its effect on your body but still it's nostalgic to have it with a movie to watch. So there, movies are the perfect excuse we have!

But there is always an alternative. No, I don't mean to recommend that you eat rice and fish and vegetable inside the movie house. Ahh, that's just too messy (and strikingly too aromatic inside an air-conditioned movie room, if you know what I mean). Unless you are quite talented to use spoon and fork in the dark (or have enough to share for some of your seatmates. hahaha!). And where's the fun in watching a movie without its perfect combo? So, here's the solution for the health conscious you. And it's easy, healthy, very low cost but taste just as good.

Presenting to you - the Camote (Sweet Potato) Chips. Tada!

How to do it? My recipe is as easy as 1-2-3. Promise!

Sweet potato or camote
Cooking oil (use Canola or Olive oil if you really must do it in a healthy way)


1. Peel some sweet potatoes that are pre-washed and cleansed with water.

2. Slice it thinly with sharp knife or a peeler. Optional is to use a crinkled cutter for a nicer outcome.

3. Deep fry it in a pre-heated cooking oil. Maintain low to medium heat until it looks crispy and golden shade.

And that's it! There you have it folks.


No sugar needed, no salt - just the natural taste of camote will satisfy your buds as much as those junkies can do. And there are lots of health benefits you can get from sweet potatoes. According to, this fruit is a high source of vitamin B6, good source of vitamin C, source of iron to have adequate energy, good source of magnesium as the anti-stress and relaxation mineral, source of potassium that regulates the heartbeat and nerve signals, one natural source of sugar needed in our bloodstream and high in carotenoid which is a powerful antioxidant that is much associated in protecting our body from the big C and aging!

So, isn't it way better than those tasty but junkie chichirya? Next time you have the urge for that one-to-two-hour undisturbed and constant munching, try this sweet potato chips. The only downside is it's the musical fruit. Ooops! 

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