NJ Travelogue: Peace and Quiet

Hi there! This is the final sequel of my US series. First, a flashback of my earlier adventures related to this one. Nine days prior, I&...

Hi there!

This is the final sequel of my US series. First, a flashback of my earlier adventures related to this one. Nine days prior, I've been to 3 foreign cities in one weekend; feeding myself and my shopping bags at Vegas; striking a Hollywood pose in Beverly Hills; skipping and hopping in Disneyland; rubbing elbows with the beach lovers of Santa Monica; and a lot more of sightseeing and meet ups with family and friends.

I didn't realize how tireless I do look on text, and much more in reality I guess! Officially, that makes me a true blue explorer. *wave *curtsy

Now, it's time for a snooze. Not the actual inactivity of snoozing, but just a relative thing to the prequel. I am as ever alive and excited to see the east coast part of US. And our port of entry to this side, is the 3rd state of USA. As I searched it, it's one thing common among Whitney Houston, The Johnas Brothers and Lauren Hill, aside from their being prominent musicians. They all have significant connections to this place - the Garden State of US.

Actually, me and my small team did all the much zzz's we naturally missed when we arrived at New Jersey. Scenic views, cool but sometimes humid and hot weather of May, soft bed from a home where we stayed equals sleeping party of 2 1/2 travelers. My six-year old son is "d en a half" little one who did all that stuff above together with us, in just 9 days! Whew!!!

And our adventure continues in a chill kind of way. We have the rest of our 22 US vacation days in here. And with a lot of barbecuing in between! Nothing beats a family who loves eating Pinoy food more than anything else. And we were pretty much stuffed all the time especially on cold days and nights where my happy place is under the covers wearing a lot of layering and socks and gloves.

I'm not a good estimator of temperature, but my too white feet will tell - chilled! :)

If I know how to ride a bike, it would be the best transport to move around the place where we stayed. It's the suburbs, of pretty gardens and parks, quiet neighborhood, friendly people, houses like paint-brush drawings, serene river and a lot of green area to cover. Definitely, parking is not an issue here. :-) The next option is to pedal that gas on your 50-L tank automobile and hop around the county and neighboring town.

If you're looking for the home of great scientists, scholars and writers - tour around the state's Ivy League - the Princeton University. The ivy-walled halls and old artistic architecture looks like castles of old English days, and somewhat similar to one of Harry Potter's universe while he is on school. Maybe it's the night light and yellow warm light inside the halls that makes me feel like I'm in Hogwarts School. Lol! I'm beginning to imagine that my boy will study here. Hmm, why not? Someday! There's also theatrical performances to catch if you're interested in great vocal shows. It is in their McCarter Theater. And to complete the sightseeing, shops and restaurants are lined at the main road through town - the Nassau Street.

There are days when we crave for some cuisines.We forget about cooking and go Chinese one time. The one place we tracked using our GPS is the House of Wong at Sommerville. The food are all delicious American style Chinese. Prawns are in great sauce with tasty spices. Noodles are either crispy or satisfyingly good. Lobster is a delight in Szechuan sauce. Chickens are perfected to mouth-watering spices. I like this place. And we all eat with gusto!

On a perfect sunny weather, the famous Boardwalk of the Atlantic City is the one place where you can get your tan, go for extravagant shopping or a great dine from all the famous chefs. It is the Vegas of the east. Casinos and great hotels lined the famous wooden way.

We go outlet shopping at their Tanger Outlet - The Walk. After great finds, we beat the heat and got the best strawberry shake and Philly cheese steak at Johnny Rockets by the walk.

Speaking of Philly, I missed the chance of getting to Philadelphia for a day or two. It could be fun discovering amazing restaurants or art museum, or what a nightlife could be like in there. The other regret, is not pursuing the Washington trip. Hay! I know, I know. But, I am a self-proclaimed explorer, okay?! *wink

Well, aside from snoozing, the shopping spree is the other filler to those days I fore go. Oh, the shops. The shops!!!

Aside from my New York adventures, which I earlier posted, I think, that's it! My US tour has been unfolded. It took long before I completed this travelogue. Excuse me for the lack of grand photos to show about NJ diary, but actually, there's just too much of them. I'm hiding it coz I really prefer to make kwento of it. Hihi!

And that's the wrap of how we danced thru a peaceful and quiet life in NJ - a time of recharge, of reuniting with my sister and her family, and refilling our spirits with lots of happy memories and plenty of pictures to store in our cameras and memory sticks.

To the hosts, my loves, thank you for the wonderful accommodation and awesome tour guide. It was a great vacation that I surely got a hang-over with. And I got it bad! Obviously. *sob

Did I miss anything? *wink, wink! I don't know if I could get a more loaded itinerary than this the next time around. For now, I do hope this helps you on your planning for your NJ travel and more. My loyal readers, thank you for reading 'til here. Stay tuned for more of my travel tips!


Indeed, life is good!

My US Travelogue started here.

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