Confessions at The Way of the Cross

I'm a Catholic. And I really tried to observe the old practices and traditions during the Lent. Last Maundy Thursday, The CATS and o...

I'm a Catholic. And I really tried to observe the old practices and traditions during the Lent.

Last Maundy Thursday, The CATS and one of my angels visited churches to do the Stations of the Cross. 7 churches, 2 stations each. And so me, the dad, the boy and the "ate" were going around Manila at high noon. With sandwiches, turnip and water on our bags, we get by. Until we reached the fifth church on our itinerary.

We were traveling along E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Quezon City at around 2:00pm. We got off at Padre Pio Parish Church as our 5th stop. At the main entrance, car passengers are assisted by guards to go straight to the lines for the entrances of its Way of the Cross or at the Chapel. At the drop off point, only me and the "ate" got off while dad and the boy will just follow after they got a parking slot. From the looks of the number of cars lining up, it will be a raffle draw to have a slot. I silently prayed that it won't take them long to find one.

The way of the cross line is winding and I got a glimpse of what's to come as I follow the snake line of people. At the end of that line is a counter where to take off our slippers or shoes. Yes, we are about to go barefoot at searing concrete floor with scalding sun atop us. After which, a few men were giving a solid wooden cross to everyone - boys or girls, pregnant or skinny women, men and women of all ages, young children, as in all! Panic strike on me.

Eek, will my little one carry it, too? Will he go barefoot? What will his reactions be? We didn't have any clue that it will be a literal way of the Cross. And I resolved myself to wishing to see how my boy will handle this "little twist" of our faithful activity. But since a good pile of other people were after us and it will take a moment for them to park, I'll have to wait for them inside. Luckily, not everyone is required to go barefoot. They are encouraging it though, but you may opt not to. Hmmm, am I half Catholic now? I'm just not ready to go barefoot. And for those who tried, I watched them with seeing eyes if I can sense some pain in their expressions as they walk flat without anything to separate their skin from earth.

My wondering was discontinued when I saw my two boys coming in with their crosses. Haha! That's to summarize how I saw the little one handling the situation. So, we have a photo op first. Nyehehe!

It's the way he carries the cross. He literally carry it like on one of those illustrations of how Jesus carry the cross. He's in that hunchback position while wiping his forehead with the back of his free hand. Oh, he is seriously hilarious.  And so my supposedly solemn reflections becomes a rollicking activity.

We're on the stations praying, he do a quarter turn, sweep a lady's leg with his cross. Boink. Next station, did another quarter turn, pin my foot with the bottom of his cross. Toink. I'm doing my best not to bursts on laughter and I failed big time. I'm like a praying lady with a cross on my shoulders, reading some verses on passion of Christ but with teary-eyes because I'm giggling. Oh, distractions. So, so, sorry my Lord.

Hay! And these are few captures of us with our crosses.

My CATS boys

Was it the moustache or the camouflage hat? Haha!

Oh boy, you made us all cracked up!

The place is solemn and Padre Pio is very well known for his miraculous ways. I vowed to come more often in this church. For our first time, I'm just charging it to experience.

In the end, we add another one church. Prayed the whole stations. Got home at 4pm and ate baked tahong. Oopsy daisy!

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