The CATS Pilgrimage to Regina RICA

My Holy Week break has been fruitful. Me and the rest of The CATS have balanced the fun times and quiet moments. Before I head South...

My Holy Week break has been fruitful. Me and the rest of The CATS have balanced the fun times and quiet moments.

Before I head South for some rest and relaxation getaway, my family of three and my two angels go on a short road trip. We headed Eastbound of Manila to a peaceful hill of Regina Rosarii. The photos of it are not enough to tell the beauty of this place.

It is in Tanay, Rizal. I learned this place from a colleague who mentioned it as a hill wherein a tall statue of Virgin Mary was built. Getting there was easy with Google map and Citymap2go, our alalay in getting the right directions.

And the journey has been as nice as the beautiful destination.

Along the road, we had snapshots of the countryside. Good weather and scenic views of the mountainous Rizal sets our pilgrimage to high gear.

Summer and the ricefields

Alone and winding road. :-) Nostalgic

Road signs that helped us along the way together with Samsung GPS

Dilemma of a near-sighted photographer - fill in the missing letters.

I didn't know they're using R instead of D here.

And another one

More of this and Laguna de Bay from far behind

We left the house at around 7:30am and arrived at Tanay at around 9:30am. That's without heavy traffic, a few wrong turns and a lot of enjoying the hassle-free drive.

At the entrance you will see statues of two Dominican saints - which as they say are saints "in a hurry" to do God's work and follow His schedule in a fast-paced world.

Once inside, you'll get a glimpse of the statue of the Virgin Mary which is tall indeed being 71 feet above the top of a lofty hill. I take in the beauty of nature and the serenity it brings. It's comforting, with light and very peaceful feeling. Its setting has been thought so well that we've really find the place sacred.

There's an orientation before we climb the hill. It's run by the nuns and some volunteers who made it more organized even buses and cars of visitors keep coming in. One of the reminders on their orientation is that the place is sacred and should not be treated as a park. Silence is utmost required.

There's a dress code going up to Our Lady on top of the Hill and in going around the place. They are lending wraps if visitors are inappropriately clothed.

The sacred trail up to the hill is lined with sunflowers. There are candle stands along the trail.

The bottom of the structure is called Sulod.

Before getting inside the sacristy at the 2nd floor, another orientation is given at Sulod.

We were briefed on how to pray. Inside the sacristy, there are few seats where a Dominican sister leads contemplative way of praying. No picture taking is allowed inside. Once inside, I let go of all the noises of this world and just felt the calm. A gentle wind welcomes us as we exit and reach out the giant crucifix on the outer wall where a small balcony bridge the exit stairs.

On a lower hill, St. Dominic Chapel sits. We attended its morning mass at 11:00am.

At lunch time, we had a picnic at they're eating place called Handong. There is also a restaurant called Pasilungan. There we have a simple lunch together with some bengala birds which my little boy fed with his bread.

Beauty is all around the place. Here's some more photos of this sacred place.

Fresh blooms all over

It was a cool, meaningful day of praying and feeding our spirits with the holiness from above thru the tranquility of this place called Regina RICA. I feel blessed to have visited this place. And thanks to my family for bringing me here.

If you're interested, here's some additional information you might want to know about the place:
  • Adress: Sitio Aguho St., Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal
  • Location map: Visit this page
  • Schedule of operations: Opens daily except Tuesdays
  • Official website: /

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