Thrift Trip: Summer Picnic at the Farm

Apir April! You know it's summer when 5:30 in the morning feels like mid-morning.  My usual “super early in” at work starts ...

Apir April!

You know it's summer when 5:30 in the morning feels like mid-morning.  My usual “super early in” at work starts daily at 5:30am, that's why. Never mind how earlier than that I’m supposed to be awake to prepare (or how late, which technically never happened coz I don’t think earlier than this time is ever called late morning).  haha! Well, it's official. Summer sun is on-duty and making its wave. It is always a looong daylight and a hat day if you’re gonna spend much of your daytime under the sun.

Thus, outings to beat the summer heat are actually a little tricky now.  A pool or a beach is not just what it takes if you really are after splashing away the high temperature and dry hot summer air.  There are some criteria that I’d like to consider before getting the sun and camp outside with as much as my family and I can enjoy but as little as possible money to take out. Oh yes, I can almost see you nodding vehemently in agreement with me.  I know, I know. So, where can we find something affordable but feel good place that we can soak for a day and/or have a shady picnic with our groupie? Here are some destinations I have in mind that's perfect for big group summer picnics.

1.  A 100 hectare farm and resort, situated in Bagong Pook, Lipa City, El Madero Resort is a cool escape that provides a relaxing picnic place and big kiddie pools. Adults, err, young once, don’t fret. There are several pools for all ages, as well. 

No boat, no airplane needed. Just drive. Affordable! I consider this a quick road trip, too. It's just a little South from Manila and a one- to two-hour drive only.

Day tour is not too hot, with all the trees and garden plants covering most of this property.
And the regular day rate is:

Php 200 - entrance fee for ages 11 and up
Php 75 - entrance fee for 3-10 years old, 2yrs old and below is free

Overnight rate is:

Php 250 - entrance fee for ages 11 and up
Php 100 - entrance fee for 3-10 years old, 2yrs old and below is free
Php 3000 and up - room rates depending on number of occupants

El Madero Farm and Resort

Brgy. Bagong Pook, Lipa City, Batangas, Philippines
(043) 312-1317 / (043) 757 1665
Mobile inquiries/reservations: 0917-8285358
Official website:

Is it within your budget? I'm not done yet. There's another one.

2.   If you’re after some nature adventure, a relaxed rural feel and a good place for pictorials, you've got to visit Bluroze Farm, Parks and Wildlife. It is another farm in Lipa City that’s fit for some outdoor activities. It's a camping site or just a picnic place for just the two of you or your mini-group. Expect birds and ducks and some other animals wandering around with you.

There's always a kid on us. Before you try any physical activities, try to bend and reach your toes first. 'Can do? Haha! Stretch and warm up and play, the old time ways!

And day trip packages are the following:

Php 200 - Sizzling Meal
Php 175 - Regular Meal
Php 150 - Snacks
Php 100 - Entrance Fee only

They have also the Field Trip Packages:

Php 175 - Regular Meal, Dessert and Drinks
Php 150 - Sandwich and Drinks
Php 100 - Entrance

For overnight stay, room rates start at Php 2800.

Bluroze Farms

Purok 6, Lodlod, 4217 Lipa City, Batangas, Philippines
Contact numbers: (043) 756-5452 / (043) 3124705

Thrifty trips, right? Simple stress buster places and quick fixes for these 'atta hot days. I do hope you'll have happy picnic time. It always equate to happy time spent and a happy you! 

Happy summer everyone!

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