5 Reasons To Smile About

There's probably a lot more than 5 reasons to smile about everyday. But when I'm too caught up to so many things to think about, I...

There's probably a lot more than 5 reasons to smile about everyday. But when I'm too caught up to so many things to think about, I don't know when was the last time I've smiled with real twinkle in my eyes and warmth in my heart.  Drama session expires now! And here's the five reasons that currently delights me:

1.  Done with dreadful meeting's presentation. I'm done with my presentation on a meeting with a big crowd this morning. Yay! Relieved to have accomplished this day's dreaded 15minutes of presentation. It's not a big deal actually but I feel guilty for not preparing properly on the topic. Not that I chose to make pa-chamba lang but it was a hectic weekend. The only chance I've think it through was the night before when I was on my way to a dinner party and thank goodness, it's a heavy traffic Monday! And that's how to turn around ironies in our life, my friend. Hehe!

2.  Kindness of a few good soul. Thanks to my many cheering fans (and they are two or three?) Haha! Related to my first, I'm not even sure if I explained it well but thanks to my few friends who assured me that I did okay. I'm so happy to have a bunch of very generous in good words and kindness. Isn't it delightful to hear a few appreciation from others for what you did every now and then? 

3.  It's a family affair. Dinner last night was a rare one. It was my brother's birthday and since most of my siblings are living abroad, it's rare to have five of the seven of us to dine in one very long table altogether. So delighted to be with them again to enjoy the food on our plates. And it would be more happiness if we've been complete last night. Paging the Sarens!

4.  Nights are cooler. It's because there's a few rain now. Not that I like rainy days more than summer. But this sun is getting pretty much hot too handle. Thanks for the occasional droplets.

5.  And new hairstyle to pretiffy! Pretiffy daw oh! Hahaha! At naubo ako sa subtitle #5 ko. Haha! Well, YES! That's my goal in having a big change to my hairstyle. I've become tired of maintaining a very straight hair and my hairstylist suggested me this big hair sytle. A little back story why the drastic change. The girl in the mirror seems to have rounder and rounder face and a disappearing chin. Hehe! So, as I was browsing some magazines of the current hairstyle for round faces, it kinda stick to my imagination of swept away permed hair to create angles for round faces. Thus, the new just-got-out-from-the-bedroom do. Roar! Haha!

Modelling our new do. My sister's just below the chin semi-bob and my new disheveled hair!

OOTD: Gray ensembles of shorts and three-fourths sleeved blouse; Accessorized with twisted red seed beads necklace; TB Ballerina flats; and Lippy Tote by Marc Jacobs from @glameffect

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  1. Other than the reasons you've enumerated, there are still many more wonders in the world that could make us smile. Those maybe for just a short time. Others for a long time, what's more important is that we feel happy, right? Well, for whatever reason it maybe, smiling could be one of the best weapons we have in life!


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