Curtain Tips: There's Ordinary But Then There's Exciting!

Hola, my dear loyal readers! Ever have days were your head is all over the place because there's just tons of things to do in your ...

Hola, my dear loyal readers!

Ever have days were your head is all over the place because there's just tons of things to do in your 24 hours (minus some sweet hours of sleep of course and good luck if you can complete the 7-hour rule at least). Well, it's one of these days. Up and about on an a weekend, I'm running down on my list of "to do's" for the day. My brain shouts - "Gawdness girl! It's Saturday! Go back to the sheets!". But, hindi pwede. Hindi uubra (me ganon). Huhu

Anyway, my first in order of things to do is to help my sister find curtains, lots of it! There's just so many windows to dress-up to. And it will gonna be a bargain hunt. It seems that these sisters trust my taste alright! Haha! Well, I'm flattered when I hear praises from anybody (aside from my family) about my humble abode. And since it's tiny, I'm tuned in to less is more that I apply to our home. This current task though is not the same. I'll have to keep in mind that it's the wider panels that we need to beautifully do some treatment. It's swagging and valence, baby. Anyway, I find these curtain ideas and inspirations of different styles that are share-worthy and can truly liven up any room. I'd like to copy some of them, whenever applicable.

A floral curtain, literally! Is it possible for this city? I don't think so. But its' so cute, I hope there's some designers or fabric that can create such pretty outcome as this one.

I know this still isn't the one that I'm supposed to be looking. But I can't help it. I'm in for the modern style and patterns that make sipping a cup of tea and looking out at the windows a happy event. Ang gaan ang feeling! That's how I'd like it to be.

This is definitely modern and one of a kind. It's a gradient matchy-matchy of carpet and curtains. And the effect is so bold, right? Something that will really be noticed.

And here's another matchy-matchy for the bathroom. Looks granny, but sometimes that's what makes it all so homey even to just one area of the house! I'm beginning to imagine how I can make this look for my own bathroom. Not to mention the other ideas I previously steal to copy! Hehe! (Check this link, if you have time.)

So, what to do to make this current DIY project a success? Here are some of my tips that you can copy in choosing your own window treatment.

1. Plot your motif. There's just too many fabric, styles, prints, colors, etc. to choose from. Options are plenty. To narrow it down and getting the satisfaction before you even start that tiring hunt, choose your motif. Motif is anything - it can be just color theme or patterns. It's important that you know what you'd like to achieve in a room, and your curtains must complement with it. At one point, I've chosen a lot of black and white on my living room. Black lampshades, white ottoman, neutral rags, white clear walls and of course, black and white curtains. The effect is what I'd like it to be. And since the other decorations in your room are more permanent than you're curtains, you can still play around with it with a little imagination of your motif, which leads to my next tip.

2.  Repeat your patterns or color scheme.  The furniture in our rooms are fixed. And a simple change in the patterns or color of your curtains can set the whole room into different style. Because there are times when the look of your room or the house itself becomes boring. What you can do so it won't get monotonous is to have different interesting colors or patterns but repeat it with other stuff on your room. Like the pillows, bedsheets or bed skirts. In the living room, the easiest and cheapest change for me to achieve this matchy-matchy tip is having matching throw-pillows with my curtain. It's just color coordination or pattern repetition if practical to do. It's effortless!
3.  Pick what makes you feel good. Some of us feel good in simple plain colors or clean lines to have a clean feel. But sometimes, we also need some patterns or bold colors that brighten up a room to feel homey. That's what our moods and feelings come in. Pick what makes you feel good and you'll feel exactly like that whenever you look at your windows. At some days, I choose plain white or ecru curtains because I feel it brings cool breeze and relaxing aura to my room. At other times, I'd like the yellows that add color to my surrounding.  Pick according to what you feel that will make you happy while you're eating, or sleeping, or relaxing or just watching TV.

Okay! And those are my three top things in my mind. I'd better get going coz it's gonna be a busy market day. If you just keep in mind those tips, it's just a walk in the park, really. The only challenge is to hurdle for a money-wise deal. Wish me luck! And I hope you'll find yours with ease, too!

Live well, everybody!

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