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This is not a food blog. It's more about the simple joys of motherhood with the Parisian ambiance of a chic and modern restaurant seat...

This is not a food blog. It's more about the simple joys of motherhood with the Parisian ambiance of a chic and modern restaurant seated in Mckinley Condominium at Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

Last weekend, emails, SMS, status updates, instagram feeds are all about mother's day. I feel lucky and blessed to have been part of this attention-rich holiday. My seven-year old son is more and more too funny but sometimes making some disgusting jokes for his parents, which nevertheless, crack us all up. It will still be a long story for both of us, but so far, I feel wonderful having him! Thus, I really felt the high to celebrate this wondrous occasion with my kiddo and loving hubby.

I dress up a bit for our lunch date. The driver is my new sunnies which hubby gave me as a simple present for the occasion. I lurve it! It's so trendy and fits good on me. More than that, I've been looking for a pair as replacement to my favorite one that I broke a couple of weeks ago. My OC soul, looking for the exact style on different stores but couldn't find one, haven't decided yet which to buy. To make the story short, hubby bought a pair for me without me knowing. He surprised me on the morning of mother's day celebration. On his other hand is a bouquet of flowers. I melted.

Ang haba-ng-hair aside, (LOL!) here's my new trendy lolita sunnies from hubby. Hihi! Simple joys!

Sunnies from Fievre Accessories, The Ramp Crossings Department Store
Black Dress with silver beads from Tango
Girly deep red flats from Gredha

Our lunch date is at Kitchen's Best Patisserie. This restaurant has beautiful interior. And I'm a fan of tasteful furnishings. Call it superficial but it's one of my gauges if a resto really do well on satisfying its hungry clients.


The price of meals ranges from Php 150 to 350. Not high, it's pwede na! Serving size is enough for one. We ordered light coz we're feeling full after a late breakfast that we ate.

Fish and chips and pasta for a change

Pasta, fish and chips and NO rice for me. (Hmm, that's news!) The coated dowry has perfect golden brown color when served. With it is tender inside but a little crispy outside french fries. We both tried their yummy chicken pasta. For dessert, I tried their turtle pie.

Not so much into food fiesta that day, but WB's verdict is thumbs up! The food is good and tasty. And ambiance is very nice with its elegant dining area. Although, quick and attentive service is lacking that day. Anyhow, I still got time to checked these magazines lying on the coffee table near us.

After lunch, we drive southbound to visit some cousins. And cousins federation re-unites with easy chats, updates and plans for the near future. It was almost bedtime when we got home. A very activity-filled day in a good, good way! Just my kind of day.

By the way, there is a twist from the flowers I received. Actually, these are sweet pastillas roses. I kinda like it that it won't wither and would never go to waste. For those unfamiliar with Pastillas, it's a sweet candy made from milk and sugar. It's the lil boy's idea. Wow! So sweet of him, right?

They're looking for a chocolate with Best Mom lettering, but couldn't find one. And I don't mind, at all!  I'm just thankful for the loving thoughts they have for me. le sigh* For father's day, I'll give my hubby as good as this one. An edible shirt for instance. Haha!

Just kidding!

"Motherhood: All love begins and ends there" - Robert Browning

Kitchen's Best Patisserie
McKinley Park Residences Condominium, 3rd Ave, Taguig
(02) 478 4870

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