The One Thing You Must Try in Tagaytay Highlands

"Summer breeze makes me feel fine." Not this one. It's really just a song! Coz this sweltering weather is not so fine, to s...

"Summer breeze makes me feel fine." Not this one. It's really just a song! Coz this sweltering weather is not so fine, to say the least. Unlike last year where we escaped the searing May sun of metropolis via short fling with Spring in the U.S., this year we stay put. We just make short trips a little here and there, dwindling the intense heat of summer.

A couple of weekends ago, we had a chance to escape the roasting city another day yet. Thanks to cooler temperature of one of the premier residential and recreational complex in Tagaytay Ridge - the luxurious Tagaytay Highlands. Being 2500 feet above sea level, we really are high at highlands on this fine Saturday.

It is a rare getaway for us since it's highly exclusive to members and homeowners only. Hence the happiness when we got invited.

The last time we were there, we were in group with my friends and tour around the animal farm for kids to experience the zoo.

Aren't we a happy lot?
Blue and yellow parrot on Animal Farm

Of all the animals to land on my lap and get real up close, as in neck up, eye-to-eye, tongue out -eeewww! - why does it have to be that cold python? Just the thought of it, makes me pass out now. Obviously, I don't wanna showcase my picture of near unconsciousness when I had it on my lap.  So let me just show the blue three!

And they tweet happily ever after. Lol!

Anyway, I consciously veered away from that area, this time around. Me and my boy, who once was a weepy, smaller version of today, is now a fine companion for the day! He's more articulate now and his observations of things are interesting with a bit of humor sometimes. I'm not bragging. Oh, how can't I be!

It's a planning meeting for my hubby, so there's only me and my son whose free to explore the place. The two of us just enjoyed the pines and the splendor of the hills - natural and man-made.


And the one recreational area you must enjoy is the pool with jacuzzi dusters! Forget the grandeur of the golf course.  In this weather, THE POOL IS THE MUST TRY for kids, mom and dad alike! 

Aside from the outdoor pool, there is also a heated indoor lap pool in The Country Club. There are varieties of recreational amenities that this place boasts such as the game rooms, sauna and steam bath, children's recreation and learning center, cinema, fishing pier, pony trail, kid's biking course, 9-hole mini-golf links, hiking trail, children's playground, tree house, camping grounds and a lot more. But the pool is most inviting with their fully equipped locker rooms, with jacuzzi even for the male lockers.

Photo of the pool at night from their website.

It's great to have a premier leisure even for just a day. Thanks to the world-class amenities of this place, and happy to tag along hubby on his conference with his bosses. It's the boss who generously invited us. Salamat po!

At the center of the bridge with my summery floral dress

Asymmetrical Dress with side pockets from Nava
Gold Havainas Slippers
Dior Fashion Eyewear

"While the hubby is away, THE mini-CATS leisurely swim and play." *wink

See you on my next adventure! 

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