Deli...cious at Poco Deli!

Whenever me and hubby feel like eating with real gusto, our preference is the same. Some place with good ambiance but serve real tasty pas...

Whenever me and hubby feel like eating with real gusto, our preference is the same. Some place with good ambiance but serve real tasty pasta or rice meal. Kid kanin, that's us! We heard this quaint restaurant in Kapitolyo, Pasig City that's famous for good pasta and sausage meals. We were curious of trying it out. So, we had a family date one Saturday night and was excited to try their offerings.


Poco Deli or "little shop" is really small from the outside. It's like a small house converted to a dining place with warm dim light that makes a warm welcoming ambiance and real cozy feel. There are wine shelves with prices on chalk labels. The menus on chalkboard is cute. It complements the theme of the resto which feels like we're in a quaint resto in Europe or something. The atmosphere is so relax!

Their vintage accents set more intimate, casa appeal that's perfect for the three of us or to a group of friends who would like to celebrate birthdays or just about bonding.

Now the food.  We are looking forward to order from their entrees and see if they really have distinction among the rest in town. And guess what, their Bacon Slabs is a signature dish by itself! The slab is real tasty to the core and although it's quite thick, it's tender to perfection. Plus the sunny side up egg on top of the bacon rice is perfect for the combo.

Bacon Slabs, Php 320.00

This restaurant is also boasting its artisanal sausages. And we tried their German Sausage Sampler which is a choice of 3 sausages from Kielbasa, Nuemberger, Bratswurt, Cheese Kranier, Chicken sausage, Bockwurst, or Frankfurter. Sounds German, alright! It is served with homemade sauerkraut and toasted bagel chips. Sauerkraut is sour cabbage made from finely cut cabbage and lacto-fermented.

German sausage sampler, Php 340.00

For their pasta dish, we tried the Seafood Creme. It's creammy and oh so delish!

Seafood creme, Php 350.00

You can almost imagine how the trio of us were perfectly gastronomically satisfied. And this place is a jewel in the neighborhood coz the price is reasonable but the taste and ambiance is quite extraordinary. Couple it with good service and that makes it more lustrous find from a humble looking facade to a wonderful dining experience. 

We were even more refreshed with their drinks. I ordered their Citrus Delight and hubby likes their Ginger Beer.

Citrus delight, Php 120.00; Ginger Beer, Php 125.00

As if we're not full yet, we tried their chocolate blackout for dessert. I'm really amazed at how they come excellent in their main entrees and pull off sweet tempting desserts as well!

Blackout chocolate cake, Php 155.00

This place is really cool with its flavorful dishes and charming ambiance. I will definitely be back to try their pizza and other pasta entrees. It's highly recommended for date nights and casual meetings.

The CATS happy foodies @ Poco Deli

Poco Deli, definitely deli...cious

Poco Deli
East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo Pasig City
Operates: 11:00am to 11p.m.

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