What I Wore Wednesday: Moroccan

It's probably one of the most worn dress I have. If you are my friend on FB or a follower on IG, you would have noticed how often I...

It's probably one of the most worn dress I have. If you are my friend on FB or a follower on IG, you would have noticed how often I've been wearing this one. I keep on repeating this dress because a) I like its style, b) the fit is just right for me, c) the material is comfortable, and d) I look good when I wear it (at least that's how I see it in the mirror). That's how I assess if a dress is a good purchase or not. Some of my fans (fans talaga? Kasi family and friends na generous magbigay ng compliments yan, *wink) would asked me where I bought a certain dress. And I would just tell them the brand. But actually, its those four things that I've mentioned above that made me buy on a certain brand or boutique. Through frequent window shopping and being curious on what works on me and not, I've developed my purchasing skills on dresses. Take note of purchasing skills, not just shopping. Lol!

I've used the word purchasing to make you think that it's made with an end in my mind of investing wisely and not just buying from a shop. I love dresses! It's true. You might have a notion that I'm spending a lot on it. Actually, I'm a wise buyer. I also consider its tag price and discounts if there is before I make a purchase. I have to because like what I've said, I love clothes and it would be financially impossible to buy all my wants without being wise on spending. Haha!

Oftentimes its the feeling of appreciation for myself if I look good on a dress or not, that's a deal breaker for me. So, is it okay to repeat clothes? Of course! I'm just one of the ordinary people who can't buy clothes anytime I fancy and just throw it away after wearing it. I just remember one funny line from the movie My Little Bossing, which is - "what are you crazy?" Haha! It's crazy to think that fine clothes, especially those that are made to purchase for special occasion tag only, can only be worn one time. For me, it's not a good purchase if it happened that way. You must consider ROI also. So, my advice is to buy a piece that will still be wearable two or more years from now. And that's ROI. Even in fashion and style. *wink

At The Pearl Farm, circa 2012

 Happy Wednesday! And this is my Moroccan inspired-printed dress.Any thoughts on it? :-)

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