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Here's the last part of my Baler diaries. On our last day at Baler, we had our brunch at the hotel. We woke up lat...

Here's the last part of my Baler diaries.

On our last day at Baler, we had our brunch at the hotel. We woke up late on a Monday morning, which is unusual and feels like a real cheat day! Hooray for Monday mornings that we don't need to rush to work! Hehe! Happy Monday smile of me above is a proof! (I just noticed now that crimp on my inner top. So distracting!)

It was calls, calls and calls for my birthday hubby.  A lot of greetings and work is still in line so the busied morning has left us only to pack our things and a shower.

The plan was to visit historical and other tourist spots of the province. It was a hot day again. What do we wear on this weather? Shorts, slippers, shades and blue hat for me.

I really like this fashionable kimono which is all over the online stores and bazaars. This kimono has not only been useful in my beach getaways but can be worn as casual wrap anywhere, too.


We checked the Museo de Baler which houses several historic artifacts. Statue of President Manuel L. Quezon, who was born in Baler is at the center of the park.  

His restored presidential car is also showcased and much appreciated by my two boys.

Ermita Hill, they said is another tourist spot to check. Although we didn't try to explore that other side of Baler but we're bound to Manila route. We still had a last glance of the Pacific Ocean - non-wave season - on our way out.

Hubby got a chance to meet the famous Nanay Pacing when he bought our coco jam and peanut butter, which is famous for its good taste and a perfect partner of their organic suman de Baler! That's our pasalubong at home and their brown suman can lasts 5 days if refrigerated.

If you plan to experience Baler, here's a few tips that might be useful.
  • How to get there from Manila? One option is to drive your own car. Light vehicles can pass the roads to Aurora. A full tank and a half of gas would get you there to and fro. Plus around Php700 toll fee, both ways. If you are to commute, Genesis Transport buses provides direct trip from Cubao to Baler. The express Deluxe JoyBus is at Php700, while a Standard A/C Bus with stopovers is at Php 450 (one-way as of June 2014).
  • Where to stay? There are a lot of affordable accommodations along Sabang beach aside from Costa Pacifica which I've previously posted. Some famous inns are Bay's Inn, Bayler's View, Aliya Surf Camp to name a few. 
    Bay-Inn's rooms

  • Budget for accommodation per night? Room starts at Php 3500++ per night in Costa Pacifica with breakfast included. And I highly recommend that you experience Baler with this 4-star hotel. But there are inns that are cheaper. Rates start at Php 600 and varies, you may just want to check it on their website.
  • Budget for food? There are a lot of choices when it comes to dining. Along Sabang beach there are Yellow Pin Bar and Grill (Php 80 for signature dishes to 150 for set meal), Hungry Surfer Bay-Inns (Php 300 per pax for buffet) and a lot of eateries at town proper which you can have a meal at Php 50.00.
  • Surf Boarding Lesson - It's at Php 350 for an hour.  October until March is the best months to experience the roaring waves of Pacific Ocean, according to hubby's instructor. 
  • Other tourists spots to check: Ermita Hill, trek to Ditumabo Mother Falls, 600-year old Balete tree
Ermita Hill

And there you have it folks! I hope you'll enjoy Baler as much as we do.

Have fun! *wink

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