Baler Day 2: How to Live All Out

It's a nice sunny day on our 2nd day in Baler. I feel romantic, maybe because the place is so nice; or I am on a very relaxed mode...

It's a nice sunny day on our 2nd day in Baler. I feel romantic, maybe because the place is so nice; or I am on a very relaxed mode with my two handsome boys - my hubby and my 'lil one. Whichever of the two or both give me the highs, I think it's because I chose to. That's a start to live all out on this beautiful Sunday in Baler.

Living all out is living at the moment. Being here, on a pretty place - NOW! I'm taking in everything I laid my eyes upon. The activities on the ground sets the atmosphere in action. I imagined that it would be more dark forests in here or of quiet Sunday since it's past summer. And I was wrong.  Baler, in general, is all lush green but not dark forests. And Costa Pacifica, the hotel where we're staying is fully booked.

8:00 in the morning is full of hustle and bustle of guests taking breakfasts and VIP's coming in. Despite of its big crowd, the place is still in order. And the staff treat us all no less than the other. That's why I commend the staff of Costa Pacifica.

The birthday cake is a proof of their admirable customer service. I've ordered it quite late the night before and got it in the morning after. Just in time for our celebration!

And their breakfast, is oh so good! I love their tapa! And pizza, too! That's because it's managed by Raintree Restaurants, the group that sets Chelsea, Museum Cafe, Mr. Jones, etc. to the high scale of restaurants in Manila.

I'm full of praises, because they are praiseworthy. And this world is full of imperfections but when you spot a good service, a good food, ray of kindness and friendliness from strangers - it's a happy world, after all. Having gratitude towards any random things around you is another key of living all out.

Speaking of the things around, there's a lot to explore and enjoy at the moment. Baler is marked as surfing capital of the land, so we did it. My best role is to capture the moment with my boys. I know I can't do it, so I didn't try it. That's knowing and accepting my limitations. You know what, you have to reflect sometimes of what's not working for you and accepting it or having a work around on it. Deciding for yourself and not just go with the flow is another way of living all out.

Back to my boys, they surf the teeny weeny tides of Sabang beach coz it wasn't a great season to surf. But they still had fun. Hmm, they live it all out!

Surfing board for rentals comes with an instructor briefing the basics before you head to the waves.
And he tried, and tried, and succeed. Even the 'lil one did it!
Here's more of hubby's riding the waves form. What waves? Waley! Haha!
Being just the three of us, we didn't try kayaking coz nobody will look after the boy.  I just sit on it for the photo ops.
Walking by the beach with a soft feel of sea waters and sand on my toes, while Mr. Sun is on my nose is just how'd I enjoyed two parts of this day.

If you're surrounded with bodies of water, it's naturally inviting to go for a swim anytime of the day. The morning dip is as good as the night swimming.

The other night, we tried other restos around the place. A lot of people are dining on one of the nearest restaurant from our hotel - Yellow Pin Bar and Grill. So, we also tried it. The grilled food is all good, too. Plus it's very affordable. We tried the famous ensaladang pako and we're back to childhood days of healthy eating food that are delish. It's a bar and grill place with loud, danceable music so we partied with the crowd. It was a night of enjoyment and without a care but to have fun.

A concert was held on the Pavilion of our hotel on our last night in Baler. The event is a celebration of Filipino-Spanish Friendship Day, that's why a lot of VIP's make-up the guest list of Costa Pacifica that weekend. And music is all over the place. Some celebrities are present.

Superb performances and glitz and glamor of the place is the highlight of the night. The crowd is just so alive.

So, do you think I had fun in Baler? I guess, in every bit, I did!

Live it all out, own your life and express it without fear!

Have fun!

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