Eleven Ways of Loving Him

Hey, there! I'm still high for Baler! But first, let's catch up. Shall we? To cap my mid-2014, me and my hubby celebrated ou...

Hey, there! I'm still high for Baler! But first, let's catch up. Shall we?

To cap my mid-2014, me and my hubby celebrated our eleventh year last weekend. Whoopee! That's a decade and one ago when we first held our promises as husband and wife in The Transfiguration Chapel at Caluruega, Nasugbu, Batangas. *bubbles of gasp* I'm in reminiscing mode. *le sigh

Remembering it so well, (with hearts on my eyes) it was a yellow and green motif event, with the fresh blooms, the pines, the cool air of Tagaytay hills and the presence of our loving families, relatives and friends. It was really a perfect day to celebrate love! And back to present, here we are full of gratitude for the years that were, hoping for better years to come and enjoying the moment of togetherness at our hotel room for the weekend.

I'm not much of a mushy queen when it comes to my lovelife. Hehe! It's the husband who's really all out in showing it to the world (disclaimer: when we were younger) but of course I make landi moves din naman. Nyahaha! Anyway, we all have different ways of showing how we love our partners in life. LOVE is a general word that has personal meaning to each individual. But the universal thing about it is  that LOVE is ought to be GIVEN to someone so it will be given back to you. As the saying goes, "Love wasn't put in your heart to stay, Love isn't love until you give it away."

So, how do I show love to him? Here's my list of love moves to the man of my life without being too mushy and dramatic. And if there are items on this list that are, well, bawal madiri. Okay? It just spells LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Hihi! 

1.  Eye to eye.  That's giving him full attention when he needed me. It's my way of showing that I'm with you and what you're saying is important.

2.  Cheerier more often. I know that I've had bad moods sometimes. And I complain a lot. Oh boy, how I complained about little things. But choosing to be cheery and looking on the brighter side of things is always a good way of loving him and myself, too.

3.  Yakapsule.  I remembered that I've included it also on my simple things post. And it's so true. That sweet lingering embrace is sometimes what we just need to make things happier, brighter and healthier.

4.  Little surprises. He loves food. I'm a great cook. So not true! LOL! I make it up through little pasalubong  from work of sweet native delicacies. What I've learned so far is that yummy food is still the best way to a man's heart. So yeah, I buy a lot of those sweets even I'm not so much into it just for him.

5.  Cook new recipe for him/Doing wifely duties. I know it's hard sometimes to find the time and energy to do all the things for your man. But when I can, I try to cook new recipes to impress him. It's my reward if the food I prepared is ubos. Feeling an accomplished wifey! :-)
6.  Goofing around. Laughter is love for me whenever I've tried to be funny with him and he laughs heartily. Sometimes we're too busy and serious with whatever our hands laid upon that we become boring persons. Nobody wants to be bored. Injecting fun most of the time is a must for happy relationships.

7.   Asking his advice. Asking him for an advice is not only beneficial to me. It also says, I trust you, I needed you, You are so good to me - the languages of love.

8.  Arranging alterations of his new clothes. Haha! Making him look better on his clothes is one wifely duty of mine. Men doesn't mind so much if their trousers are little lengthy. I'll have to ask him for his favorite fit and I just use it as pattern for the alterations.

9.  Dressing cute more often. My favorite! Haha! Not just because I love clothes, and I don't mean buying new clothes more often. It's consciously picking my ensembles for him to walk proud with me is my other love expression for him.

10. Listening. Every one had a bad day, a bad game, a bad meeting, etc. Lending ears, keeping quiet and letting him talk when the "bad mood" hit him is just as important as #1.

11. Having date nights/getaways. I recognized how busy and stressed we become from our works. Getaways and date nights are ways of relaxing and keeping both of us from burning out. So, I do the planning most of the time since he's just so busy sometimes. And we're happy for this new place we discovered and new experience that we had here in Baler.

Those are my favorite list. I know I'm no expert in love. I'm not the best at hardly anything. But what I've learned so far is that doing little things for the one you love on a regular basis is choosing to stay in love and embracing everything on the package.When you do that for your man more often, then you can count years of healthier, growing and lasting relationship.
What are your ways of showing love? Please do share it! :-)

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