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Few weeks ago, I've started a book to bury my presence on a wake of someone that my husband knows. I am the invisible companion, whic...

Few weeks ago, I've started a book to bury my presence on a wake of someone that my husband knows. I am the invisible companion, which I happily chose to because a) I don't know anybody from that group but only my hubby, b) I don't know what to say to anybody, and c) I'm simply out of place to get any attention.

In short, dapat wala talaga ako don! Anyway, it's my hubby who insisted  that I come so we can do the other to do's on our way to and fro. Thus, I obliged and retreated myself in reading the fourth in series of another one of New York Times best selling author, Jeffrey Archer's - Be Careful What You Wish For.

First of all, I didn't know that the book is in series. Failed! And that I've started on the fourth and latest. Super failed!

Oh well, it's one of those books that have a story of its own. Weeh, lahat naman ata. Haha! But to explain further my unawareness of its back stories, I've read Fifty Shades of Grey starting from its 3rd and last book, too. Yeah, that one famous trilogy! Unbelievable, right? Well, yeah. It's super duper failed! But hold on and have a heart for me. In the middle of the 3rd book of that famous trilogy, I realized I'm missing some stories. And that's when I stop reading the 3rd book and started again through book one and two and finally the last book. A slow clap for me, please! Toink, talaga!

Anyway, this one is something that doesn't occur to me that I've missed anything but to move forward until to the very last page. And there I learned the other books, too. Waah, I'm unaware! Ultimate, failed! So, lemme remind you that before you bury your face on the newest ebook of Jeffrey Archer's - better to read the first three in series first.

Be Careful What You Wish For is fast pacing, with busy and serious business of the main characters - the Barrington's and the Clifton's. The timeline of the story is from 1957 to 1964. Classic, eh? Well, it shouldn't be a factor coz Jeffrey Archer has mastered the art of storytelling that no matter how backwards the time of his story may be, it is perfectly timely to read it. Especially that there's a holiday coming right up (on this side of town, that is). Hooray! 

I won't spoiled the book, but I'll just recommend my four in a row to you. Here's J. Archer's The Clifton Chronicles that will more than engulf your presence but will surely entertain you as well. If there's rain outside, consider it a bonus.

Book 1. Only Time Will Tell
Book 2. The Sins of the Father
Book 3. Best Kept Secret
Book 4. Be Careful What You Wish For

P.S. I'm afraid you've got to make do with the ebook version of the latest in series coz its paperback is yet to come out on 28th of August.

Blop. blop. Anythin' else? :-)

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