Lessons From The Husband's Secret

Kumusta naman sa title ng post na 'to ? Lol! Middle of the week that was, I turned into couch potato due to recent bed weather tha...

Kumusta naman sa title ng post na 'to? Lol!

Middle of the week that was, I turned into couch potato due to recent bed weather that we have. Thanks to high heavens for the city survived the strong winds of Typhoon Glenda. And hopefully, all of you have returned to your daily grind unharmed and positive as ever! I cocooned myself in the comforts of my bedroom during the storm and used the pocket of time I have to tick off some of my book list for reading.

Do you wanna know a secret? And if you are about to uncover one, how would you deal with it?

Okay, this review is a first. One of the books I recently finished is a New York Times bestseller fiction by Liane Moriarty - The Husband's Secret. The book, as the name implies, is about a husband's secret and how will that change everything around him. The author has written a thought-provoking novel that once the secret was first presented its existence through a letter for the wife, I could no longer stop myself from turning the pages trying to figure out what's written on the damn letter! Haha! 

By the way, this is not a romance novel. It presented family affairs, desperation, frustrations, insights and perspectives of different people around the husband - which is quite realistic, by the way. At one point, it will make one thinks on how well do one really knows her spouse. And I must state the fact - it's one cleverly written book even you're not a fan of melodrama or fiction genre.

"For my wife, Cecilia Fitzpatrick
To be opened only on the event of my death"

The plot was set in Australian suburbs in the current time and it started when Cecilia Fitzpatrick, the wife, stumbled upon a letter written to her by her husband, John-Paul. Curious that she was, and without a clue of what's written on the letter, she restrained herself at first from reading it. Until she mentioned the letter to her husband over the phone, who was on a New York trip that time.  The mere mention of it sends her husband in frenzy.

From the discovery of the letter, other characters involved were presented which lives are intertwined together. It's like modern Pandora's box. What comes next after opening the proverbial box is a consequence that one may wish to have not learned what's inside in the first place. The author let's you in on different minds of different women, which is honest and insightful and almost true for any relationship. Among the women that I'd like to quote for this review is the character of Tess O'Leary, which I think has the most practical and logical courses of actions.

Here's some excerpts from her that tells a lesson or two about marriages or long-time partnerships:

  • “It wasn’t a fair fight. It was why marriages fell apart. It was why, if you valued your marriage, you kept a barricade around yourself and your feelings and your thoughts. You didn’t let your eyes linger. You didn’t stay for the second drink. You kept the flirting safe. You just didn’t go there.”
  • Honesty is overrated.
  • “When you were young, you talked about falling in love with such amusing gravity, as if it were an actual, recordable event, when what was it really? Chemicals. Hormones. A trick of the mind. She could have fallen in love with Connor. Easily. Falling in love was easy. Anyone could fall. It was holding on that was tricky.”
  • “It seemed to her everyone had too much self-protective pride to truly strip down to their souls in front of their long-term partners.”
  • "Be prepared to be a bit...bendy."

The story from beginning to end makes you get involved, keeping you guessing and interested. It was wrapped up perfectly well but will leave your thoughts some things to chew on. Give it a try and you'll see! And may I say, some secrets are meant to be kept.


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