Dear Diary: Persistence + Mommy Duties

Hello! Hello! I'm so relieved my internet connection at home has just normalized. It's been crappy the whole week before ...

Hello! Hello!

I'm so relieved my internet connection at home has just normalized. It's been crappy the whole week before and even weeks before that. It started after typhoon Glenda and now that it's back to normal, it cut hours of me calling our internet provider's hotline, explaining the issue to a customer service representative and spelling my name in their standard phonetic alphabet. And that is something I'm afraid I really am not used to of using, hence I sound funny over the phone if the customer service asked to spell my last name. (Why only last name, you may ask? It's because my 4-letter name can pass since it's short but try my 8-letter last name and you'll be much entertained how I did it in my own phonetic alphabet. It's hilarious! HAHA!)

Anyway, the last two weeks had been a busy and stressful week for me. My little one got sick during the mid-week and lasted for a week; I have other doctor's appointment to squeeze in my time but couldn't. At work it's no different. It's not actually the work itself but our fun games competition which we had last weekend. For several weeks of practising volleyball, we never won with clear advantage versus our opponent (well, not an athlete here but because there were only 10 able employee girls on our field, I'm a player by default.) So you can imagine how the not-so-skilled player in me, try to get courageous volleying that ball. Huh! I really, really tried hard just to level up with our opponent. Haha! Intensity rised further when I was tasked to lead our team on cheering competition. Gaahd. Anyhow, it's all done now so I can just look back and see what lessons I learned from it all.

And so how would I like to summarize it? Never quit. Just keep going no matter how hardships, discomfort and uncertainties there are in your journey. For our volleyball competition, so sure we are that we wouldn't win anyway but we still tried. And somehow, we won one of the sets that led into decision. Oh, how we loved that moment. Same with all other duties, big and small that we are responsible with - it takes persistence to succeed. As Webster defines it, persistence is the ability to be determined to do or achieve something regardless of any setbacks. And somebody says, when knowledge and ability aren't enough, be persistent.

So to my red team who was first runner-up (*wink), fight just like the UP Maroons! HAHA! Tomorrow is another day.  Or better be said, next year is another year. LOL!

How about you? Any interesting story from your week? ;-)

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