Eat Pray Love Sunday with Galileo Enoteca

One of my ideas of Europe, is to eat on some rustic looking restaurant by a corner of some quaintest street in Italy and eat authenti...

One of my ideas of Europe, is to eat on some rustic looking restaurant by a corner of some quaintest street in Italy and eat authentic Italian dishes. Hay, when will it happen? I'm dreaming again, on a mid-day of this hot August holidays.

Having said that, out of the many new restaurants that sprung in Eastwood for the last decade, that's probably one of the reasons why we chose a red-bricked walled facade outlining an Italian door for a late lunch after my boys and I had our Sunday mass at Padre Pio Parish Church in Libis, Quezon City. By some chance or just meant to have an Italian-inspired Sunday, Padre Pio came from Pietrelcina, a farming town somewhere south in Italy. And segue as I may, the church was a solace place in the middle of the busy city, with its Italian inspired garden where one can solemnly pray and feel God's holy presence.

I felt guilty that after our prayerful hour, the choice of a new restaurant to try was the main order of the day. But later on, I can justify that guilty feeling. Trust me. And so on this particular Sunday, I just felt like Julia Roberts on her movie of Eat Pray Love. LOL! I found myself craving for some delightful Italian dish that will satisfy my sophisticated hunger needs. And that's when I turned the knob of that wooden door with stained glass design and our Galileo Enoteca experience just began.

The Place

It's not a common choice by many diners whose crowding the more lively looking Sambokonjin across and Yellow Cab on its side. But I'm really drawn to something Italian and wished to have a taste of it, that's why we got in to that quiet door in between. The place is dim-lighted and very rustic. The door would lead you to a wooden stair with vineyard wall-sized painting on the first landing, lighted on each side with wall lamp and a classic lamp-styled chandelier on top.

Galilei in Libis, is the second branch of Galileo Enoteca in Mandaluyong. Just how their website described it, "Enoteca is an Italian word which means "wine library" or a place where one ideally finds a wide showcase of wine varieties (being produced in a certain region), available for tasting and often served with simple, rustic food to complement it."

The dining areas are uniquely decorated with wine cellars. The high quality wines are their trademark. The owner, Gaetano Vitrano, started the business from distributing high quality wines and gourmet foods from Italy which later birthed this fine dining place which is now managed by his Italian-Filipino family members.
Wishing Belle's verdict

I love this restaurant! I can really stop writing here and just give you its addresses for you to try it for yourselves. I mean, this place is so easy to love. Not just on its unique and very Italian aura but the food is really of highest quality. There, I said the finest word I can give for a food review ahead of the review. Haha! But I can't help it.

Why do I love it? So, back to blogger duties.

First, we were served with complimentary garlic bread that hubby and I both find soft and really good to chew on while waiting. On that Sunday, since it's late lunchtime, there were just the three of us on the dining area. The bread easily disappeared on the table and we had time to snap some photos of the restaurant. The service is just right for a fine dining restaurant. We were served with our order of Quattro Formaggi (Php 350.00), Fettuccine Carbonara (Php 300.00) and Italiano Pasta (Php 310.00) just on cue.


And I love everything on my plate. The pasta is al dente and can only be described as authentic Italian gourmet. Because I'm more of a white sauce lover, I love the Carbonara more. It's creaminess and taste has toppled my top favorite local pasta cafe. The pizza is an imaginably cheeseee delight and although I can taste it as good as other restaurants, I will still be back on this place for it.

And all those raves has a price. A fraction of a fine dining restaurant, ONLY. So definitely it's a five-star-lit up for this belle. There are other interesting things on their menu, but I'm not on sabbatical like Julia Roberts, so I stopped when I felt my tummy is already full. Haha! The wine-tasting was also bypassed and will be ticked next visit when it would probably be just me and my hubby. A one dressy date night perhaps. *wink*

All in all, I felt fully satisfied and less of the guilt. It's truly an Eat Pray Love kind of experience minus the exotic travel. More love, and more eat! ;-)

Galileo Enoteca Mandaluyong
80 Calbayog St. cor Malinao St.
Highway Hills, Mandaluyong
(02) 534-4633

Galilei Ristorante Italiano
Eastwood Citywalk, Libis, Quezon City
Operating hours: 11am to 11pm daily

Note: All photos were taken with my Apple iPad mini. 

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