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It's still August, a very long month it is! Haha! With 5 weekends, 2 season-change on a daily basis (sometimes half day change), 3 h...

It's still August, a very long month it is! Haha! With 5 weekends, 2 season-change on a daily basis (sometimes half day change), 3 historical events squeezed in (read as non-working holidays), it gives me opportunities to use my days off to do what this rainy season offers - SALE on everything on malls! :-)

What's so good in sales promo on August, anyway? You would probably notice that sales promo are almost distributed all throughout the year and anywhere. For one of the number of reasons, I guess this is the best time to do your early Christmas shopping. Yeah, we're closing in to the ber months, which will start tomorrow officially! Teehee! And minus the busy and rushing shoppers when Christmas is closer, it is another reason why I consider it practical to grab this month's best deal promotions. That's the magic word, no rush in browsing and choosing what's to put in that cart. 

Speaking of that cart, lemme share to you my new finds at cheaper prices. 


Bejeweled time piece, Php 2500. I got this unique pretty wall clock at 30% discount from Mandaue Foam Home Store. And it's perfect on my white wall!

A few of my favorite designs and patterns are on store, too. Cute Cath Kidston table cloths, charming floral coasters and chevron patterned throw pillow at Regalong Pambahay are also at discounted prices. 

Ceramic Serving Set, Php 1690.00 at regular price. I got this large ceramic set at a hefty 50% discount from HMR, Mandaluyong.  Definitely the ceramic set is a pro in organizing variety of fruits or dishes I'd like to have on my dining table. I also loved that the rattan tray can be used as a separate piece. Multifunctional, clean and space-saver, right?

Tea Party, anyone? Inspired by Carolyn Robb, I think I've got that vibes of having some English tea set on my cupboard, just in case. Although the baby blue cup and saucer has been with me for a year or two, I guess, I got it from Mandaue Foam Homestore, too. To complete my tea party set, I have the dessert stainless cutlery (fork and bread knife) and appetizer plate for (drum roll, please) --- Php 139/dozen (fork), Php 199/36pcs (knife) and Php 50/pc (small plate)! 

And for some real-deal Christmas shopping, these items are on sale at HMR also. Look, even the pets have their holiday stuff for dressing-up. Prices of items on this photo ranges from Php 25 to Php 1600.

My mom would probably be nodding proudly with my practical purchases. Wais na misis, di ba?

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