A Dinner at the Colorful Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

It was another Friday. Another date night for me and hubby. There's no exact schedule of our dates, actually. Oftentimes, it's a ...

It was another Friday. Another date night for me and hubby. There's no exact schedule of our dates, actually. Oftentimes, it's a push of the moment's situation kind of thing.

Like that one Friday when all the routes going home we can think of were swollen of red solid lines from Waze. It means heavy traffic.

I kinda appreciate that smart phone app, by the way. It's very reliable and more updated than traffic reports of any news station. So, thanks to Waze.

My hubby and I felt like trapped once again on that evening. And we'd like to unwind after a hectic work week, so we are both longing for a cozy chair to sit on and watch the world go by without contributing too much carbon dioxide on the thinning ozone layer. Uhm, a little science on my food blog is a great combo, right? LOL!

Anyway, the well-lit, pretty and colorful restaurant of Vanilla Cupcake Bakery & Cafe at Glorieta 3 mall, Makati City has presented itself to us at the very right moment. Interior, sooo lovely! Relaxation mode could very well be achieved here with a little sample of their food to munch on, too. And there we are, at our instant date night!

We were both sapped out so we really need something stronger than sugary intake. We ordered from their mains. And what's good to try on this bakeshop other than their beautiful, yummy sweets but oh-so-wickedly high priced cupcakes? Here's WB's pick:

I chose Chicken Parmigiana served with Aglio Olio Pasta. The chicken is topped with melted cheese that makes it oh so creamy. Its crust is finely seasoned and the chicken is cooked just right and a little sweet to the taste with its cheese topping. Its combo pasta was a little spicy for my taste buds. I felt like eating hot & spicy pancit canton. Maybe that's to balance the sweetness of the chicken but I ended up forking the side dish on my hubby's plate. I'm just so lightweight on spicy food.

I remembered one time when I first tried out authentic Thai food when we had our first trip in Bangkok. The food was real spicy. It was so much, that I end up in our hotel's restroom for the rest of the evening. Haha!

So, going back to VCBC's mains, hubby chose Prime Rib Eye Steak. I commend him for choosing something right this time coz he tends to get the not-so-tasty ones every time we order food on some place new to us.
Chicken Parmigiana, Php 245

Another dining memory popped up to me about this moment. We were in Hongkong for the first time and he ordered some good sounding sausage for dinner with Chinese character description and a very helpful explanation from a waiter who sounded mad to me. Or maybe that's just how they talk. What was served to him was something like hotdog with ketchup and sunny side-up egg -- all mixed together. Brekkie ito without any appealing presentation! LOL!

Prime Rib Eye Steak, Php 295

So, this plate of everything tasty is a good compensator of the dining world for him. Haha! The steak is truly yum and priced just right. A must to try if you happen to dine here. 

And there was our Friday night away-from-home "past time" of everything pretty and inspiring messages care of Vanilla Cupcake's every wall! Lots of colorful details. And their cutlery set, it's Cath Kidston inspired even! How adorb is that? What a perfect way to dispel a not-so-lovable road congestion. :-)

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery & Cafe
G/F Glorieta 3, North Drive, Ayala Center
Makati City

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  1. you never missed to amaze me.im reading this with a big grin on my face. bravo hon!


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