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I'd like to share to you my new found gem in makeup. For those of you who sees me everyday, or most of the time, you can tell that I...

I'd like to share to you my new found gem in makeup. For those of you who sees me everyday, or most of the time, you can tell that I'm not a makeup fan. I don't wear anything on my face but a face powder just so I won't look oily, or so I thought.

I'm one of the not-so-city girl who thought that make up can ruin my skin more than it can help. That's what I got from my mom, anyway. The very conservative promdi type. I don't really blame her for having taught that notion because what else is more beautiful for a woman than to embrace herself all naturalle!

My freshly powdered face. Lol! This is my no makeup face when I've slept well.

But as I get older (oh, that word!) and lacking much needed sleep (this is the main culprit!), without much exercise and poor diet to rejuvenate my skin (confessions of my sins), my skin lacks its natural shine (a.k.a. dry!). Do you ever wonder why faces of those in Koreanovelas have that dewy glow? In fairness, I like it! They seem to have no pores on their faces at all. And that's where makeup can help me. To look like I've slept well and got the dewy, no-pores glow! But I'm too conservative on using those enhancer products (it isn't made to fake, okay?).

Lately, I've been brave and decided to test one new brand. And for those of you who are fearful like me in using anything on your face, here's a brand that I've tested for myself and happy to share my review.

Happy Skin's SS cream is a new beauty solution. Happy Skin is a newly launched makeup brand in Manila by business partners Rissa Mananquil-Trillo and Jacqe Yuengtian-Gutierrez. I actually don't know much of it but just got curious lately as I first laid my eyes on their line from their Plains & Prints Outlet. SS cream is short for second skin that offers even tone and light coverage. It's not silicone-based foundation, which makes it good for my skin.

"Silicone, an ingredient which makes foundations glide easily on your skin for a more flawless and even coverage, isn't bad. But if you have good skin, you don't really need extra coverage from a silicone-based foundation, which might only end up clogging your pores." (said Gutierrez on PDI's feature of Happy Skin on their Lifestyle Fashion & Beauty section).

I tried it one time with the assistance of one good saleslady from Glorietta branch. My face looked instantly smoother and fresh-looking. I didn't buy it right away, but have to be sure if my skin is hiyang to this product. That's important before you use anything on your face. It has to be tested. Some weeks after, I chanced to have another testing session and luckily with the same salesgirl. She tried on me the other tone on my right cheek then the other one on my left. I tested in for another fortnight before I got convinced that's it's the one I can safely use on my face!

See for yourself,  if it's a happy solution on your skin, too. My new motto in beauty now is, wear what makes you happy! Lol!

Mom on the go chasing life after a 4-hour sleep. Thanks, hon for this pic!

Happy Skin SS cream is priced at Php 1,199.00 and available at Rustan's Makati and Shangri-La branches, Beauty Bar and Plains & Prints outlets.

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