Belle File: Shut Up and Kiss Me

Hello there! I wonder what comes first on your mind with the title of this post. Haha! Honestly, I love to hear your thoughts. The ...

Hello there!

I wonder what comes first on your mind with the title of this post. Haha! Honestly, I love to hear your thoughts. The more cray-cray, the better. Yeah, let's have lighter moments, people.

First of all, this is refreshing on my page. Me, blogging beauty products or something about personal care other than my hair regimen. For those who see me often, that would be the least of the job they can associate me with. While I'm not so good on using cosmetics on my face, I still try to prettify myself in the best way I can (most of the time in my opinion). *wink

Whenever I'm not trying to blog, I'm actually a Chemist. Yeah, first time to ever mention it here coz I don't wanna bore you. Bring out the confetti! Haha! So, while some may find Chemistry as boring or difficult subject in highschool, I took its full course in college. Now, my playground is a laboratory and I'm tinkering sometimes, getting my hands dirty so to speak and getting out on a muddy field occasionally to get first-hand observations that are needed on my work, etc., etc. Just being presentable is enough on my line of work. I vote for the minimal requirement. Lol! And it's a man's world, with the count of female collegues in just a little over to the fingers on your pair of hands. Anyway, I really am not good on using those coloring tools for my face. I didn't give much an effort to learn it also. But there are occasions when a girl needs to look like one, right? So, here's my very first sharing on my little exploration on that field I'm not so good at.

I've discovered this new brand of lipstick that I like to use. Shut Up and Kiss Me is Happy Skin's moisturizing lippie. It's loaded with Shea butter and collagen that makes those lips supple, hydrated and ultra kissable. (Strike a pose then pouts.) It is high-pigmented, moisture-packed and glides on smoothly that leaves behind a rich, creamy pout. There are three shades to choose from: Playing Footsie, Just Say Yes and Honeymoon Glow.

My shade is Honeymoon Glow. It's close to my natural lip color so I'm not so much different if I feel like wearing it on a work day. I don't wanna shock my collegues by looking so dolled up on an ordinary day. Or a disruption on my parking lot neighbor that would have to lower his window so he may asked me why I'm wearing makeup? Hahaha! (It's so telling how different I look sans anything on my face. I understand. I do. LOL!)

Anyway, why I love this product? This lippie offers three-fold "lip service"-
  • the shine of a gloss
  • the pigment of a lipstick
  • and, the hydration of a balm!
  • plus this little product has major girl effect on me
  • and, it is priced at Php 499.00 only!

I love it! Happy Skin is available at Rustan's Makati and Shangri-La branch, Beauty Bar, and Plains & Prints outlets.

So for my very first Chemistry driven beauty tip --- get pigmented. (Duhh?!!)

Happy Monday and happy mwah, mwah! 

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