Me, My Thor, Korean Fan and Trick or Treat!

I'm baaaack! It's been awhile since my last post. I miss blogging. Truly! With all the activities and touring I had for the last...

I'm baaaack! It's been awhile since my last post. I miss blogging. Truly!

With all the activities and touring I had for the last few days, this month is definitely my most productive and fulfilling one ever. There are so many things going on at the same time with me that I haven't got a quiet time to actually sort all the events on my mind and write something coherent.

So, to refuel my writing, let me share to you the easiest of them while I'm still in cloud nine and busy sorting and flipping and rotating about 37.0 GB of photos from my recent trip. Good luck to me!

Last weekend, we had our trick or treat. This year, my boy was Thor.  While I've got the chance to use that purple hairband with witch hat design that I bought last year from Divisoria.

I frequented Divi last year to buy party stuff for my boy's big bash on his 7th birthday.  It's good that there are stores which sell in wholesale prices but most are about at the same regular prices as in leading malls. So for me, it's not too practical to go there to buy a few pieces considering the traffic jam of people and cars just to get there.

The 3 of us with me on my spooky outfit, my little man as Thor, and hubby as himself. Lol!

Anyway, there's a lot of cute DIY and practical decorating ideas for the Halloween that I browsed from the net and latest issue of Smart Parenting magazine. Go check em!

Latest issue of Smart Parenting; scary decor at the Clubhouse and our Spooky Halloween Marshmallows for the kiddos.

Since it's me and my boy's birth month, allow me to share more of our photos. It so happened that the exact date of Trick or Treat is his birthday, so we had a little dinner celebration for my little Thor!

Goofing around with his costume that I bought locally. Thor's hammer is out of stock so I bought the closest there is in Toy Kingdom. He's not happy about it coz he knows that it's the wrong hammer. Arrgh!  
The birthday boy with the big family B

I really aimed to warm-up my unattended blog spot that's been sleeping for awhile. It's hard when I get too immersed on my daily grind and still with hang-over from my recent vacay. So, let me wrap-up with my one last pose of my outfit that day - with a Korean twist - a fan from Korea! Haha! More of it next time and happy birthday to me, too!

Top and skirt from Zara| Bronze shoes from Franco Sarto| Wedge shoes from Alberto

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