Autumn in Korea (part 2): Why Ramada Seoul Dongdaemun Hotel is a Good Choice

continuation of part 1: Ahnyeong haseyo from Seoul Devoting some precious rest time to finish this series, here goes the sec...

Devoting some precious rest time to finish this series, here goes the second part. Hooray for me! I'm in progress.

When hubby, me and my friends were in Seoul, South Korea last October 17-20, we stayed at Ramada Seoul Dongdaemun Hotel. It is located in Euljiro, Jung-gu, Seoul. There are tons of considerations to make if one is traveling with a big group. As many as funny tales I could probably tell on this series, if only I could just paste how wacky our planning was.

Anyway, next to talk about is this hotel that we chose over tons of other guesthouses and dorms in Seoul. So, how did we filter this hotel among many other places that can offer warm bed and bath and breakfast on a country where translator is a must like coffee in the morning? It may be just by luck but I guess, it's really what fits our needs. Here's a few considerations we made and this hotel delivered them all!

Budget. We are budget conscious. The group prepared quite a long list of itineraries. And it read as million of wons, too. For those who are not aware of this currency, it's approximately 1USD = 1000KRW. Good thing about this hotel is, it's one of the very few that offers a room with 4 beds on it! That makes it a big plus sign for a group or big family travel. And because we're that close to each other, sharing spaces is no problem with us. 

Security and Privacy. Having a trip with my friends and sharing room with them is like we're on a constant slumber party or something for the real independent adults. Which translates to NO KIDS, just "we". Hehe. Thus, fun times at the luxury of 4-star hotel service and privacy in a nook we can call our own even for just a few days. Coming to the hotel late at night is no worries, too. About that, I think gone are the days when we can stay longer at night for more drinking (for the guys) or clubbing. We ended up on our usual night sleep, earlier even than Cinderella's curfew. Do I hear granny cucko-ing there? (Not sure about the word, I made that up! But you can see the picture, right? Haha!)

from hotel's website
Location. Actually, it's a kind of vacation that you'll need to call in another vacation after. The schedule is quite hectic. No time to enjoy a buffet breakfast even. But, the hotel offers a buffet breakfast on the ground floor cafe with 20% discount if you book it at least a day ahead. Isn't that great?! Unfortunately, the tummy is willing but the time is fully booked. Huh! So, aside from its proximity to some tourist spots and restaurants in the city and train/bus stations, there are several convenient stores around it also. Those stores are our sources of quick snacks and instant breakfasts. That's what it is when your location is in the heart of business central. Very convenient!  

Cleanliness. The hotel is fairly new and they keep their rooms neat and orderly through daily housekeeping. That's very evident from the first time I entered the room - clean air welcomes my nose. Haha! I give a heck of a deal with it coz it's one luxury I want to avail in a hotel. And my sense of smell is a hyper-trained one. More training with it and I can quantify the gas in a room. OA lang. Lol! And the bed linens, pillows and towels are white, clean and smells good. Thumbs-up!

Other Hotel Features. Aside from those deal-breakers I've listed above, our room is equipped with minibar complete with coffee/tea makers and complimentary coffee, tea and bottled water. You can do the laundry, too. The bathroom is modernly designed with features to make one comfortable. Way too comfortable with the high-tech features of that essential seat, if you know what I mean. And the usual are also there like phone, safe, flat-screen TV with cable channels, working desks, high speed complimentary wifi connection, refrigerator and aircon unit. The only thing is, we didn't realize that the AC unit is the hanging medicine cabinet looking stuff on the corner.  So we slept on our first night with just the windows open. Lol! Failed! Good thing it's autumn. Natural breeze provides us the cold air while we fine tuned it with our soft white comforters! Pag medyo behind, para-paraan lang yan. Haha! 

Good times complemented by good hotel accommodation! 

Oh, did I mention that their staff is friendly and they can speak English? Positive, positive feedback for you, guys!

Want to stay on this hotel, too? Check rates at ;-)

Planning for a Korean tour? Let me give you an idea how much it will cost with breakdown of our expenses on every post. For part 2, here it is:

  • Hotel accommodation for 4days/3nights: Php 57,430.00 for 2 rooms with 4-single beds; inclusive of taxes and fees. Each room can comfortably accommodate 4 to 6 persons. 


This is a part of series of posts for my Korean tour stories. Visit each one!

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  1. For 4-6 people at 56, 000 PHPs, this is quite a deal. Do Koreans understand your language easily? Do you need to speak in English? What about food habits? Are they similar?

    1. Yes, it's a good deal I've got from Ramada. They understand English a bit. I enjoyed Korean food - healthy, tasty, not too spicy ones. :)

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