Hair Makeover at Creations by Lourd Ramos Salon

My hair was on a very bad state again. High time for the makeover! That was few weeks ago when I was once again into a dilemma of c...

My hair was on a very bad state again. High time for the makeover!

That was few weeks ago when I was once again into a dilemma of choosing what treatment is best for my hair. My mane, after having rebonded, had undergone perming after 6 months (which I've shared on 5 Reasons to Smile About). That's because I wanted to hop in to the hype. But poor me, three inches longer and about 3 months after, I can't maintain the curls decently. It's dry and frizzy. It's like I haven't done good on it that my everyday look is something like from Jane's time (of Tarzan or Tarzan's mane himself. Lol!).

It was a bad hair day - everyday! The curls, where I'd like it to have, were on my bangs which I'd like it straight. The tips where I'd like to see the curls were just bland broomy stick straight. Duh! But since I've done too frequent treatment, I patiently waited for about 2 more months before I booked myself to this new salon I've discovered.

I dial the number I found from google and it didn't took long to get an appointment with them. I visited their Eton Cyberpod, Ortigas branch. Originally, I was set to ask for another rebond since it's one treatment that will surely tame my mega thick and ultra unruly hair. Ugh!

Since I have a long history of hair treatment, the stylist advised me to have keratin treatment instead. And I'm happy that he introduced me to this other option. Previously, I've got this treatment from Hair and Smooth Salon, but the people there moved out to another place which I lost contact since. So I looked for other expert hands.

The good thing about this treatment is it only took about two and a half hours with 3 to 5 months lasting effect, they say.  Another good thing about it is that Lourd's rate is very affordable. There was even a great deal on the day I have my makeover done.

The procedure is fairly simple. They washed my hair with shampoo.

Then blow-dried it after so they can apply the product for treatment. They used Kerasilk.

Based on some reviews I read, Kerasilk is a good alternative of the other famous Keratin treatment brands since it works on two-component system. 

You can keep your natural curls or make it straight. In both ways, keratin, a protein that makes hair shinier and healthier will make the hair less frizzy and a lot easier to style everyday.

After an hour, they washed my hair again and blow-dried it once more to prepare for the hair ironing session. This is to straighten the hair and to apply heat so the product will set in. The same 72-hour no wash rule of hair applies after it's done.

Some more products/treatments available at Lourd's.

And here's my tada moment! My before and after. :-)

I am a happy client of Creations by Lourd Ramos Salon. My everyday hair is manageable and oh so frizz-free. Keratin treatment is priced at Php 2,500. Definitely a well-spent bucks for me on this treatment and salon. :-)

Creations by Lourd Ramos Salon
G/F Eton Cyberpod Corinthian, Ortigas Ave., cor Edsa, Quezon City
Tel. No. : 570-5692
Operating Hours: 10am to 9pm Mon-Sat
Wi-fi Access: Available

Updates: I had a more recent visit with them and tried one of their other superb services. See my honest review here

To the best hair treatment for you. xx

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  1. I recently had my long-overdue haircut for the first quarter of 2017. Finally! It felt like ages since the last time. My go-to salon is David's salon. But I like trying other salons also.

    1. I like David's Salon, too. These two salons gives quality services to me. :)

  2. Wow amazing makeover, I love it, the style suits the shape of your face, indeed our hair is our crown of glory, recently my hair is getting dry and it's not cooperating, so this reminds me to have a makeover too

  3. such beautiful hair, how could you put them so beautiful? I use ironing and my hair is not like that, wow!


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