Autumn in Korea (part 3): A Taste of Korean Night at Jung-gu, Seoul

continuation from (part 2): Why Ramada Seoul Dongdaemun Hotel is a Good Choice Seoul is one perfect city for my very first autumn ex...

Seoul is one perfect city for my very first autumn experience. On my first night at Seoul, with my hubby and friends, it was really cold.

Before chilly exposure, I was adamant on buying too thick clothing coz I have no idea how cold 15 degrees celcius and below is. I thought I can handle it just fine. That was before I got my first few minutes of chill at San Francisco International Airport last year when we had our first family trip in the United States. Now, I look for coats and furr because I know how essential they are on cold weather, if only it's practical to bring/keep so many.

To tell you frankly, it is one of our reasons why we chose October to visit this country. We'd like to wear fall/winter outfits. Haha! And as I have always tell hubby, I so envy those living in a cool country because I like fall season's fashion.

Being an island girl, it is always summer and my gosh, it's quite warm and very humid on my side of town. So, here I am all bundled up on the very first night exploring the city. And it's not snowing temperature yet.

But before I blab so much about coats, first impressions first about the place. En-route to our hotel thru limousine bus from the airport (which I talked about on part 1), I can't help but notice the trees lining on each side of the streets. Meaning, there is enough space for the tree, separating the highway and the establishment along the road. Hence, people can walk safely and enjoy nature in the city. How safe and eco-friendly! With the absence of trees on some parts, there are flowering plants on electric posts instead creating a green effect. Perfect catwalk for my first autumn experience.

As we are on a central business district, it's very city scenery at night. Bright city lights, tall buildings, commercial spaces, some museums, cafes, retail shops, restaurants and roads that are wide enough for all cars (but still not enough on peak time of the day).

We sometimes need to cross thru the labyrinth of subways. And here's us, trying to understand the city map and got some help from a good local who saw the confusions on our faces.

Korean language and characters are fairly isolate one. How do we read it? We don't. Thus, my advice is it would be best to print itineraries with pictures at both English and Korean descriptions or addresses. It would be easier for any lost tourist to ask some directions or getting to the desired destination by just showing pictures with Korean writings.

We walk a bit farther, explore more of what's on the area and along the road here's what's around us.

Without getting lost and guessing that we are somewhat near the area where we can have a good dinner, we chanced on this restaurant along Euljiro with this writing.

I don't know how to translate it and tried to guess it with the help of google. Well, it isn't as simple as that. I was thinking long how I'll write this post without really knowing what's the name of our first Korean restaurant. Good thing for FB friends like my college classmate in UP who translated it to me in just a snap. How cool, Tere! Big thanks! And this restaurant is Chib Bap or House Rice.

While I don't know how we ordered which and which, I am uber certain though I enjoyed my first real Korean dinner! I don't eat those which taste too spicy, like their soup and some other pastes on tiny plates, but I was brave enough to try a bit of each one though.

Seaweeds are a staple here and I love it on their sticky rice. On a side glance, the diners on the table beside ours was struggling with their live octopus for dinner. Is it really good? I don't know. But the poor mollusk is no match to the chef's unfaltering grip even the poor thing has 8 arms. :(

And that's more like our first night. Stay tuned for more!

Planning for a Korean tour? Let me give you an idea how much it will cost with breakdown of our expenses on every post. For part 3, here it is:

  • Dinner for 6 pax:  KRW 72,000 or KRW 12,000 each; Php 540.00 per person


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